Lime Crime Cosmetics By Doe Deere

Cosmetics are an important tool for many people. People often turn to the use of makeup in order to allow them to change their look in some way. Someone who has been out of the workforce for a long time may wish to find makeup that allows them to update their look and present themselves well to an employer. Another person may want to have a look that provides them with the chance to demonstrate that they are in touch with modern color and makeup trends as well as the kinds of modern day fashion that people today are embracing. The use of makeup can help anyone make changes in the way they appear to others. Someone who knows how to use makeup is someone who can be confident they are able to present the exact look they want to others at all times.

Many brand of makeup are available for various needs. People will often need to take the time and find a makeup brand that is ideal for their specific wants. Some makeup brands specialize in helping the user project an image of maturity while others may allow the buyer to show off their creative and unconventional side. Finding the right kind of makeup is important for anyone who wants to use makeup a lot in life.

Someone who has worked hard to help provide users with the chance to pick out makeup is Doe Deere. Ms. Doe Deere has created her very own company to provide for the needs of her customers. Lime Crime is a makeup company that has all kinds of unusual colors for people to try. The company was started by Ms. Doe after she realized that she had a new and creative take on makeup to offer her potential customers. Her work in this area has allowed her to present others with the chance to purchase items that are fun and offer customers a youthful sensibility that can help anyone feel younger. The company places an emphasis on providing their customers with the chance to purchase items such as lipstick and eyeliner that are safe and highly tested as well as very dramatic.

People who purchase products from Lime Crime can purchase them from the company’s websites. They are able to buy items just by logging on the site. The site has many pictures that demonstrate how each product should be used by any person. Videos demonstrate how to apply the makeup the person has picked out. Pictures also show users how they can use other items to help create an overall look that is fashion forward and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Many people are very happy to take advantage of this feature and help them create a personal look.

Body Makeup Products

Cosmetics from Doe Deere are purposely applied to improve appearance or the body odor of an individual. The chemical composition of the cosmetics varies from one brand to another. Recent efforts have been geared towards the adoption of natural cosmetics. They are believed to have little or no side effects. Coconut oil is one of the ingredients used in the making of natural cosmetics. For an extended period, the use of cosmetics has been associated with the female gender. However, it is not the actual case. These products can be utilized by both the males and the females to attain the desired outcomes. Men have increasingly adopted the use of cosmetics.

There is need to introduce regulations in the manufacture of the cosmetics. It will ensure that the final products are not harmful to the body of an individual. For example, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States handles the regulation of manufacture and distribution of cosmetics. FDA expressly states what they are, and how individuals can apply them. It is important in forestalling the form of dangers that may come with the lack of regulations.

Many cosmetics are available for use. Individuals have a choice to make from the array of products that are at their disposal. Some of the Cosmetics products include skin care products, powders, lotions, lipsticks, perfumes, nail polish, and facial make-up. There are many more products in the market. Cosmetics meant for the face or eye areas are usually done using a brush or hand.

There are many ways that may be used to describe cosmetics. One of the commonly used attribute used in describing cosmetics is the physical composition. The physical composition may include liquid state, cream, powder, etc. Once the makeup has been applied, there may need to remove it. In such a case, cosmetic remover is used to enable the body to be superficial free. Makeup removers are used before any other procedures are applied to the body.

There are many global companies that are involved in the manufacture and distribution of cosmetics. One of the renowned companies is Lime Crime Cosmetics. The Company is based in Los Angeles. Doe Deere, who is the CEO of the company, believes that they are providing solutions that many makeup companies are unable to cover. She says that they produce products that are admired by all individuals. She has had a dream that she has been able to start the company. The company was started with limited funds, but was able to expand immensely. The company is growing rapidly, and is expected to continue providing solutions in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry continues to increase, and more players are expected to come up and resolve the challenges.

Paul Evans Bringing Luxury Men’s Shoes to the World

For most men who have looked into picking up a quality, luxury pair of shoes, they probably have come to find that it costs them thousands of dollars just to buy one pair of italian shoes. And that leads to an even larger problem of most men who work in a professional office setting requires multiple pairs of shoes for different suits and outfits they were, which means they might end up spending tens of thousands of dollars just for shoes. Outside of the partners and the CEOs of the world, most men simply are unable to afford this kind of a purchase. That is also why they need to turn to Paul Evans for their next luxury shoe purchase. Paul Evans had the same exact problem with buying quality mens dress shoes, which is why he started his own brand in order to sell the very best shoes to individuals at more affordable prices.

Paul Evans worked in New York, and while successful, he did need to continually go out and buy nice shoes due to his line of work and the customers his business worked with. The cost of quality shoes weighed on him and, despite making a nice living, he knew there had to be a better way. So, instead of just sitting around and dealing with the high prices, he decided to do something about it. With the help of a few outside investors, he created the Paul Evans NY shoe company. The company produces only top of the line, Italian leather, handmade shoes. All of this is especially important and is why he has been able to be successful with creating the company and expanding upon the brand.

Paul Evans knows what to sell to men. The company doesn’t try to expand upon all sorts of different business avenues. Instead, the company sticks to high quality, mens leather goods. The majority of the goods are shoe related, with each design of shoe available in several different colors. Beyond this though, men who enjoy the high quality look and feel of the shoes can invest in a leather bag and belt as well. After all, the company works with leather, so it might as well provide customers with other leather related goods. There are many different reasons as to why this have proven successful for the company, but for the most part, it is because the shoes are of the highest quality, can stand up in a competition against the best shoe designers in the world, yet the shoes cost far less than what the other designer shoes cost. So, for anyone who is looking to improve upon their look and style, Paul Evans has exactly what they need.

The Make-up Geek!

In 2008 October xenia, or rather known as Doe Deere launched her make up brand the lime colors officially. She had initially uploaded YouTube videos that gave procedures on how to apply make. The lime colors launched included blush, glitters, eye shadow primers and brushes. Having being in the technology for a long time, she continued to do her tutorials on make ups. Her brand is affordable and I love the prices that range from $5-$25. Deere is an entrepreneur who uses the social media to her advantage. She has been on EBay selling designer clothes she is also a musician; I mean a full package of what she ever wanted to be.

There are quite a number of people who do not know how to apply make-up. So out of kindness I decided to borrow some tips from Doe Deere tutorials and help you out look glamourous and outstanding on your mascara.

I. For starts ensure that you choose the right brush and the right formulation for mascara. If there is this particular lash that you have always wished for the two if well-chosen will give out just that.

II. The shape of the brush is another thing you ought to consider carefully. If you want to achieve thick ness and volume I suggest that you go for a brush that has more bristles in addition to be fuller. If you want defined eye lashes ensure that the brush you choose has more spaces in between the bristles.

The two above mentioned tips are very important while applying mascara.

You also need to know that there is a difference between lengthening mascara, thickening mascara and curling mascara. If your lashes are extra-long to the extent of hitting your sunglasses the lengthening mascara will do you justice. The lengthening mascaras have ingredients known as fiber that will automatically cause the lashes to be attached and give a longer look. If you have shorter lashes the lengthening mascara can layer up without necessarily clamping because of the special formulation in them. The thickening mascara on the other hand will give you a more added volume in addition to weight to your lashes. Most thickening mascaras have wax as well as silicone polymers. That is why when applied your lashes look fuller. The curling mascara has resins and polymers that will assist the lash to be curled for some time. Apply more mascara at the root of your lash so that it will be curly shaped.

I find it intriguing combining the thickening and lengthening mascara. They give me the best results it’s not a crime to try out my suggestion you never know it may end up being your favorite.

As I wrap up my discussion I strongly condemn those ladies who share mascara. For goodness sake the formulation is not that expensive that you can’t afford. Sharing is not good health wise and apart from that the look it gives to your friend will be totally different to that it will give you.
Finally, do not be afraid to be daring try out new stuff on make –up daily.


Are you looking for an honest opinion about cosmetics? You are in the right place. We have reviewed several skin care and makeup products, and Lime Crime products are one of them. So, in this article, you will find more information about these popular products and get to know whether they are effective for use or not.

Lime Crime products are all-natural makeup products formulated to elevate your beauty routine and make your skin clear and healthy. There has been an endless debate that Lime Crime products are not safe because they contain harmful chemicals. This is not true because the products are formulated with plant-based ingredients that have been proven effective and safe. These ingredients improve the appearance and health of any face, eyelids and lips, without bringing side effects. These makeup products from Lime Crime are recommended for women who are looking to elevate their beauty.

When we searched on the internet, we found out that Lime Crime products are among the most preferred makeup products in the market today. We, therefore, wanted to know who is behind these makeup products that cover all of your beauty needs.

The company behind Lime Crime has the same name as these makeup products. The company is based in Los Angeles California, and it is committed to producing makeup products such as true-to-color, most kick-ass, and cruelty-free cosmetics. There founder and CEO, Doe Deere, started the company with a few hundred dollars and she had a dream that one day she will come up with a reliable makeup product.

You should try Lime Crime makeup product because they guarantee perfect results. The makeup products work perfectly and bring results that you are looking for.

Can Lime Cream be trusted? This is one of the questions that
any buyer would like to get its answer when shopping for any makeup product. Yes. Lime Crime products can be trusted. The makeup can elevate your beauty and health without any side effect.

Lime Crime products such as Lime Crime Velvetines and Liquid Lipstick are available in leading online stores like Amazon. The products are also available from the manufacturer’s official website. The company offers free shipping on all US orders of $50 or more. There are no serious concerns of Lime Crime, but it is recommended you consult your doctor if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you are looking for a makeup product that is more than a cover up imperfections, then Lime Crime is perfect for you. It will not only help improve your personality but also live unapologetically.

New York City Real Estate Has Many Homes To Offer You

If you’re ready to move out on your own, then think about a few things before you start your move. You first need to decide how many items you have to move, and if you’re going to need to purchase additional items. Maybe you’ll have to scale back on the items you currently have. If you find a home that’s big enough, then you’ll be able to fit everything in one place, and this is the goal that most people have. Nobody likes to have to stuff their things into storage when they’re moving, and this happens if they can’t find the right place to move to. If money is not the reason why you haven’t found a big enough place for all of your things, then maybe you just need some help looking for a new home.

It could be that you didn’t know where to look when you started searching for a new home, and that’s why you decided to move to a certain area of New York City real estate or to a certain building via Town Real Estate. Before you make a final decision or sign any paperwork that will commit you to staying in any new home, you should try working with a real estate agent. Maybe there’s a different home that you may find around New York City, and you may not have found the best home for yourself yet. A real estate agent can point you in the direction of a great home, and you may be surprised at what you find.

Real estate agents are known to have some exclusive listings, especially if they work directly with a certain company. Even companies that are currently putting up high-rise buildings that will be filled with new homes, they’ll work directly with a real estate agency because they want their homes to go to people who are truly interested. If you only went by what you saw in the newspaper when you started looking for your new home, then you’re definitely missing out on some prime real estate in New York City.

If you want the best real estate that can be found in New York City, then your first step should be to call Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate has some agents that know a lot about the city of New York as well as knowing a lot about the different homes that they are leasing or selling. Whether you’re looking for a home that’s big enough to fit a family, or you’re looking for a home just for yourself, Town Real Estate can help. It’s unbelievable what types of beautiful homes are available in New York City, but you may not be able to find them without the help of a Town Real Estate agent.

Doe Deere Is Bringing a New Look to the Business World

The art world can be a strange place. In theory art should exist for the sake of art. Many artists can talk at great length about the fact that they create because they have to, not by any conscious choice. At the same time art needs to exist within a wold of commerce. No matter how beautiful any given work might be, the artist who creates it needs to be able to earn a living. This ensures that some of the greatest artists are also movers and shakers within the business world. And this can be seen with the varied career of Doe Deere. She’s a musician, artist, makeup genius, and businesswoman. She’s also the perfect example of how art can exist in the modern world.

The first thing to understand about Doe Deere is that she has a wide view of art. Her main focus is on makeup. Many people wouldn’t even consider makeup to be an art. And this is one of the big reasons that Doe Deere has found so much success. Because makeup is an art, and one which almost every woman is immersed in. Doe Deere found herself dissatisfied with the makeup that she found on the market. At the time she was heavily involved with musical performances. Her look and her face were a huge part of how the band presented itself. She needed her tools to be up to the job of creating an exciting and dynamic look. When the existing brands of makeup weren’t up to the task she turned to her own devices. And this was the birth of her Lime Crime line of makeup. It quickly caught on and Doe Deere shifted her priorities to focus on the makeup line.

It’s been an instant success which is becoming more popular by the day. And the reason all comes down to art. Most makeup brands look at makeup as a technical issue. Most people in the industry work with makeup in the same way they’d work with laundry detergent. It’s not surprising that so much of the industry is also filled with men who don’t actually use makeup.

Doe Deere came into the makeup world as someone who knew how vital and personal it can be to a woman’s life. She also came in with a realization of how much artistry goes into makeup. Bringing out subtle features in one’s visage is just as much an art as painting it on canvas. Most people who use makeup understand the artistry involved. However, most people making and selling makeup don’t. Doe Deere stands in direct contrast to this prevailing sentiment in the business world. Her makeup line is created by someone who understands the artistry of makeup, and it’s for people with the same worldview. And the results attest to the strength of her conviction. The line is gaining worldwide attention. A lot of that success can be attributed to the high quality of the makeup. But quite a bit of its acclaim is also due to the larger than life personality of Doe Deere. Anyone who’s seen her in person can attest to the fact that she brings passion and dedication to everything she does.

Sender is as important as the artists.

As a kid, I thought all that was necessary in order for me to do art and have people patronize it is to do great art. However, it requires being more than even a very good artist, it requires business acumen like all businesses. However, like many things that are talent driven, the artist is so busy developing artistically, social things like dealing with clientele, promoting and marketing oneself are not curated as well. This makes for a learning curve that is so steep, it is the point at which many artist resign themselves to obscurity or stop producing at all.

Often these are the artist’s that spend the most time curating their talents. Because of this, some of the greatest art remains unproduced or undiscovered. History is littered with artist that become famous posthumously because they were discovered many decades after death and had few examples of their genius. The reason that people know artists like Van Gogh is because they had loved ones or some other type of patron that invested time and money in the art because they understood the genius of the work. In Van Gogh’s case, it was his brother. If it were not for the forethought, perception and understanding of Van Gogh’s brother, there would be no examples of this venerable genius.

In my mind, that makes him as important as Van Gogh. In a general sense, it makes these type of people as equally important to the production of masterpieces in all genres as the artists themselves. In television, movies, music and other media, the producer is listed and as important as the most important actor and director. However, in visual, fine art, the patrons are rarely discussed even with their importance in the industry. Recently, there have been some discussions at length about the importance of collectors and other benefactors of the art world. In order to be a good collector, one must be skilled in forecasting the value of the art and the growth potential as investors do in the stock market.

When these skills combine, you get a collector on the order of super-investor Adam Sender. Sender collects the mid-century contemporary art pieces that are simply known as contemporary art. Sender collected close to a thousand of the most forward contemporary art pieces in existence. However, what he did next shocked the entire art world. Sender deftly placed every piece on the market. He released most of the works to the large international auction houses, and the largest, most intricate pieces, he donated to prestigious museums. As my argument outlined, He did more for contemporary art than the art has been able to do for itself, and now, this form is prestigious again because of his moves. Check out Adam Sender’s LinkedIn.


There is a new brand of cosmetics on the market. It’s called Lime Crime. Doe Deere, who also goes by the name of Xenia, has been facing a lot of controversy because of this brand. The brand has been featured in many magazines recently, especially Nylon.

Doe Deere recently sat down to give an interview about her brand. She sat down to set the record straight, so to speak. Below I have included a small excerpt from the interview. If you want to read the full article, you can click on the following link.

Doe was offered two choices with this interview:

1) Talk about the makeup and beauty brand itself.
2) Go right into the controversy and clear up rumors that might be swirling about.

Doe decided to speak on the rumors and set the record straight.

“I have been getting lots of positive responses so far. When I first started out, it was just a blog. Now it’s been interlinked between a few blogs. All-in-all, lots of support has been give out to me and the brand.

Doe addressed some of the rumors about comments that were “supposedly” made by her.

“I never said that. These comments that are going around have not come from my mouth. I know how to spell the name of my company. I know how to spell my own name. Whoever is doing this obviously hasn’t done the correct research about who I am or who my company is.”

The next discussion led to talk of her own bitter remarks about her company. Supposedly, she had made comments about the staff, and about the demise of her own company. Doe commented on this in her own sweet, but strong way.

“Again, I never said those things. There is a lot of crazy stuff being said right now about the company. I have gotten word of email conversations and other things. These conversations are about me not being so dedicated to my own company. These are all lies. The only reliable sources about myself comes from my personal blog and my twitter accounts. These are the only two places where people can find the truth from me.”

“I’m aware there are other blogs about me and my company. These blogs are where the lies are coming from. These comments are being said by someone other than myself. I never go on these sites or blogs. If you want to know the truth. look to my twitter or personal blog. What is being said there, is actually coming from me.”

“The internet is a powerful thing. This is where I built my name and brand. In light of what has been happening, I have to be more careful about what I put out there. I didn’t have to worry about this so much in the beginning. Now I do. Lime Crime is a good brand and product. I would never reveal all my secrets. Moving forward, I need to protect myself and my company more. I want my customers to stay with me. I want the public to see Lime Crime in a positive light. If I have to make a few adjustments going forward, this is what I have to do.”

To read the full article and get your hands on Doe’s beauty line, follow the link below.

The Most Colorful Entrepreneur in the World

With influences seeming to have come from the likes of Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Bright, one wonders if an individual such as this could have the potential to start a successful cosmetic company. It is indeed possible, particularly when it comes to business and technology executive Doe Deere, who launched her innovative and successful Lime Crime company which offers a rainbow of colors for eyes, lips and nails!

Stemming from Russia, this entrepreneur was raised in New York City and found that when it came to purchasing cosmetics for herself, she found it difficult as many brands lacked true color and charm, so she set out and created it herself. At times referring to herself as Xenia, Deere also wanted to see make-up that was cruelty free in order to discourage companies from further testing products on animals. Since the inception of her company, her products have taken off on a high note. Its customer base is loyal and many feel a personal bond with Doe Deere.

Crime Lime offers make-up in senseless and stunning colors that can work perfectly for any hair color and skin shades ranging from super pale to super dark. Lips glosses are unique and straightforward as colors fail to rub off. Customers find themselves falling in love with them for their shine brims an impressive presentation of vibrant and rich colors instilled with minuscule gold reflectors for glistening lips. Their assortment of creamy, opaque lipsticks will provide lots of moisture without losing color that you want. You do not need to use much as the little tube is extremely opaque so it lasts for a long time. Lime Crime also created eyeliners in black or white and eyeshadows in a bouquet of colors that are all a breeze to apply and wear, guaranteed to bring compliments to the user. One can also get a flawless and professional looking manicure with their smooth nail polishes in fun, bright and neon colors. The customer base tends to Love Lime Crime anything!

Recently Deere was honored by being named Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by the magazine Self-Made. Lime Crime is a brand that consumers love for its originality and colors that can create a one-of-a-kind look; however it also seems to encourage females of any age to seek out and cultivate individuality by simply playing with makeup, style and perhaps even thinking out of the ordinary. This young achiever also insists her company is a color uprising and will continue to expand on the most true to color and innovative cosmetic products.

The creator of these colorful and cruelty free cosmetics stresses the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs and businesses that are owned by women. This product developer feels that it is important to enjoy your makeup and even have fun just like you did when you were 13!