South African Lawyer Frans Schoeman Supports A Wide Variety of Causes, Legally and Philanthropically

Frans Schoeman is a proud resident of Cape Town, South Africa, where he serves as the Director of the Phatsima Diamond firm in Bellville. After attending University in New York City, Frans was inducted into the Law Society of South Africa, drawing particular respect for the services he offered in both English and Afrikaans.

Though today, Frans is one of the biggest names in both commercial and corporate law in South Africa, he first served as a Medicine Doctor at Phatsima Diamond, beginning his career with the company in 2005. Only one year later, he was offered the position of Legal Director with Phatsima Diamond, and also oversaw the management of the company’s mining investments and interests.

Frans has earned a respected reputation on not only for his work with Phatsima Diamond, but is also beloved for his dedication to a variety of philanthropic causes, most notably the preservation of South African culture and art. He also greatly values the importance of the education of children in South Africa and around the globe, and works to promote and support nonprofits and causes that offer educations to underserved communities to make a difference on South African culture. He is also greatly attuned to Human Rights causes, both at home and abroad, and his wide diversity of interests help to inform not only his charitable interests and activities, but have also contributed to his success at Phatsima Diamond.

Frans enjoys meeting challenges head on in the legal field, whether in corporate, commercial, or civil litigation. He has vast experience in dealing with mergers and acquisitions, conflict resolution, legal negotiation, and a myriad of other fields of law. Frans is recognized in his community and abroad for his unique skill set, dedication to serving the needs of his clients, and in particular for his pro bono work, where he is known for representing those who cannot afford legal fees with the same attention and care as high-end, well-known, clients. Frans also has extensive experience in dealing with victims of corporate fraud and greed.

In addition to working with the Phatsima Diamond Law Firm, Frans Schoeman also is known for his work with Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. Joubert Schoeman also serves a wide variety of legal needs and issues, including, but in no way limited to, insolvency, debt recovery, intellectual property, medical law and compliance, environmental law, and much more.

Frans is proud to be able to continue to serve the needs of South Africans, whether in the courtroom or while pursuing his interests in philanthropy and South African art and culture. Dedicated to helping to promote honesty, trustworthiness, and appreciation for others, Frans Schoeman is a man of integrity that has helped restore dignity and agency to hundreds of lives, both in South Africa and all over the world.


There are two things in this life most people want more than money, the first being recognition, and the second thing being praise. But these things come easy when a person knows what they want out of their lives. It’s amazing what the human mind can accomplish when a person stops caring about who gets the credit. Successful people are always recognized by their efforts, by their commitment to a positive cause. Kenneth Griffin is a fine example of such people. Born in Florida, 1968, Kenneth has accomplished a lot in his career and is recognized by the work of his hands.

Ken Griffin had already worked out where he wanted to be at a very tender age and was willing to do all it takes to get there. His journey into hedge fund management picked up quickly as he was still a freshman at Harvard pursuing a degree in Economics. In his second term, Kenneth started gathering funds from his family and friends to start up his hedge fund that was to focus primarily on convertible bond arbitrage. In his dorm room, Griffin had established a satellite link to help give him real-time updates on stock market changes and advancements to stay ahead of the curve. The hedge fund grew rapidly with an encouraging adoption rate and Griffin already had over one million dollars in holdings.

Frank Meyer, an already established investor, took an interest in the hedge fund and one million dollars in it, and Kenneth made a killing with it making an approximate of 70% in returns. In 1998, Citadel was one of the fastest growing hedge fund management companies with more than a hundred employees and more than one billion dollars in investments

Currently, Ken holds an esteemed post as the C.E.O of Citadel. Citadel LLC is a world leader in liquidity provision and asset management. Its headquarters are based in Illinois in Chicago and was awarded the distinction of being the largest surrogate asset management firms in 2015.Citadel LLC is the 11th largest global hedge fund management company holding more than 25 billion dollars in liquidity. In 2012, Forbes named Kenneth one of the year’s highest grossing hedge fund manager with over 6.6 million dollars in liquidity holdings at the time.

Kenneth Griffins story is one that inspires a lot of people. He was well motivated at such an early age and had already worked out his life goals and was working towards achieving them. This goes to show that nothing worth having comes easy, believing in one’s self is the first step towards realizing success

International Firm With Local Roots Joins Austin’s Chamber of Commerce

Status Labs, a public relations and image management firm, took a critical step in connecting with the local business community in Austin, Texas by joining the Austin Chamber of Commerce on August 13, 2015. Status Labs got their start in Austin, dubbed the “Live music capital of the world”, and have expanded to become an international firm with offices in New York City as well as São Paulo, Brazil’s financial center.

“We were founded in Austin and while we’ve recently expanded to New York City, Austin will always be our home base”, said Darius Fisher, Status Labs‘ President. The folks at Status Labs want to show their close connection to the thriving community of Austin and joining the Chamber was a natural way for the business to do just that. “Our goal for this membership is to create value for other Chambers members,” according to Fisher. “With a team of talented online reputation management experts, SEO specialist, digital strategists, and a seasoned in-house public relations department, we’re the only Austin-based business who can provide the unique pairing of services that we do.”

The objective of Status Labs is to help everyone put their best foot forward online. Gone are the days when people met for the first time face to face over dinner or during an interview. Now professionals and everyday folks google you, facebook you, and twitter you before they ever lay eyes on you. This gives companies like Status Labs an important role in the online management of our lives.

Although they have only three offices including the one in Austin, Status Labs manages to serve over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Whether they are reaching out to Ashley Madison hack victims to offer free “damage control” assistance or working with a client on creating a positive digital footprint, Status Labs has established that they are a major player in the world of public relations and online image management.

Jenifer Walden the Successful Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is actually a recognized Plastic Surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Jenifer is actually formally fellowship-trained in the field of Cosmetic Surgery.
just recently, Jenifer relocated to Austin from new york , so that she could raise her children near her family. Dr. Walden is known to be an active member in the prestigious and famous American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In American Society of Plastic Surgeons, she is also a member, among many others. She is known to sit in various boards too. She has accomplished many projects in her entire career as a plastic surgeon, and this has made get numerous awards.
Most people know her to be Texan native. Dr. Jenifer Walden actually was born and brought up in Austin and she is believed to have grown up in Northwest Hills. She went for high school at the Anderson High School. During her high school times, she was a good all-state football player. After her under graduate studies, she went to the University of Texas which is found in Austin, where she graduated with Honors for Bachelor of Arts in Biology.
She did not stop there with her education. She worked hard and went ahead to get her Medical Doctorate, which she actually did with Highest Honors and she managed to graduate as the Salutatorian in the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was also chosen to be the president in the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.
She is a regular at media houses, because she is always being looked for about different beauty topics, such as the recent technological developments in surgery, the soft tissue injectable, the famous mommy makeovers, the trending celebrity plastic surgery, the teenage plastic surgery, among many other topics which are based on her profession.
Apart from being a competent and very experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden is also known as a very established writer. She has managed to write and publish several books and award winning papers for research. She has also done co-authoring, and she has managed to edit a very good award-winning textbook which is known as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The book was actually introduced in the year 2010, by one Elsevier.
Walden serves as a consultant at the country’stop leading breast implant and aesthetic firms. Some of these include; Allergan Medical, Venus Concept among many others. She is also believed to have been a direct-to-consumer spokesperson for the nation at the Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit. She is a medical philanthropist too. During her free time, she tries to help the less fortunate and needy people who come his way. She is a role model to many women too.

The Road To Love Starts With A Simple Tap On The Net

I have always thought online dating was meant for social benefit alone but as I have found out, it contributes quite significantly to the economy. Here is the scenario. A woman or man meet a person they like from across the globe. After knowing each other for a couple of weeks, maybe months or years, they will have to meet eventually. They will have to get a taxi or hire a car or travel by air. They would need a place to stay and of course eat and if they like shopping like I do, then you know the outcome. All this could total to $4,000 in a country whose GDP is less than $7,000.

Anastasia Date which goes by the slogan ‘love knows no boundaries’ is a private owned global dating site that brings together males from N. America and females from E. Europe for love. The site was named after Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna who was noted as someone who could be a role model for the budding women. The founders of the site are Russian-American in descend and they established the website in 1993. Since then it has gained popularity managing to be ranked 29th in this category. The interesting thing is David and Elena Besuden actually met through the same kind of services they offer and got married after a year of knowing each other. Talk about firsthand experience! This is why I believe the site became successful. Sometimes, a business needs someone who has been there and done it.

The first time it was launched, Anastasia Date used catalogs as a way of bringing together men and women. Afterwards, the company created its first website in 1997 which brought in success as the business was able to grow all over Russia and Ukraine. In 2007, three more websites were created. This time the expansion was broader. It was able to target Latin America, Asia and Africa. Not only did it grow in size but also in profits. In 2012 alone, the company was noted to have accrued $110 million. The number of users also increased to 220%.

Access and registration to the site is very easy as its app is available on Google play and iTunes. The site offers a variety of services among them live and video chat and most of all assistance in getting the two lovebirds to meet for the first time. How romantic!

Learn More About Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC

Before a business is established to become successful, the proprietors like Ken Griffin on valuewalk must conduct a thorough research to establish various things such as the client’s needs as well as the best location to place the business. Lack of this basic knowledge can lead to poor performance by the business which can result to loss. A business must also establish a clientele from whom there a guarantee of a business even during low seasons.

Citadel LLC was established in 1990 to become among the leading investors in the field of financial markets. It has been ranked as one of the largest hedge funds in the world with an estimated investment capital of about 25 billion dollars. It is made up of group of companies on offering various financial services such as investment management technology, asset management and provision of facilities to start-ups among other services. From the beginning, the company has experienced a smooth operation and growth both in the number of employees to the growth in capital to become one of the best hedge fund companies in the whole of United States of America. The company started with a capital of about 4 million dollars and the same has grown to about one billion dollars over a period of 20 years. That is a very major growth to be experienced by any institution. The growth of the company has led to many employees being hired to operate in its various departments. As of 2015, the company has been able to hire over 1,250 employees in its various departments. This is a good number to be hired by a single company which is also good to the country’s economy as it contributes to reduction in the number of jobless citizens.

One of the company’s greatest strength is its human resources. The workers in Citadel Group of companies are treated in a very good way which encourages them to put more effort in their respective tasks which in return increases the output. Griffin is said to be the man behind the good treatment of the workers as he is well known for his campaign into promotion of workers’ welfare. The company has been recognized as one of the best places to work in a survey conducted by an organization called Great Places to Work.

Kenneth Griffin was born in 1968 and attended Harvard University from where he gained interest to start investments. In a research conducted by Forbes in 2015, he is estimated to be worth 6.6 billion dollars placing him as among the richest people in the United States of America. He founded Citadel LLC in 1990 immediately after school and is currently the chief executive officer. He is also actively involved in community based activities through donations and advocating for education. He has contributed millions of dollars to various foundations and institutions in Chicago. He also sits in various boards such as Chicago Public Education Fund where he gives advice on various issues. He is also a staunch follower of Fourth Presbyterian Church based in Chicago where he has extended his philanthropy through donations to various projects in the church.

Financial Help From Capital Manager James Dondero

Getting one’s finances in order is imperative. Most people find that they need to take the time to learn as much as possible about all areas of finance and fiscal management. This includes the use of savings as soon as they have a job, the right use of funds in order to make sure that all of their bills are paid on time and they maintain a good credit rating. Those who are able to successfully manage their funds well are those who will find it easy to do such important like tasks such as getting a good paying job and saving enough money so that they can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable retirement after they are done working.

Many people choose to make a career of managing money well. The world of finance is one that is large and includes many potential areas of employment and specialization. Working with someone who has spent year studying the equity markets can help anyone get the kind of financial advice they need to help them figure out where to best invest any funds they have saved via a work savings plan as well as on their own. Proper help from such skills managers of finance can provide anyone with the kind of guidance they need to make the best possible financial choices in life.

Someone who fully understands just who clients come to him for help in creating the best possible portfolio for their needs is James Dondero. Dondero is an investor with years of experience in this field. He is the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. At the present time, Dondero lives in Dallas, Texas where he manages the firm and helps direct the activities of his associates here. Dondero’s work on nexpointadvisors the firm has included many areas of capital management and expansion. He has worked directly with retailers all over the world to help them locate potential areas where they might find new customers for an existing business and any new one they have in mind.

Those who wish to seek out his help and the help of his firm will find many potential solutions to any fiscal problems they might be facing. They will also find that Jim Dondero heads a dedicated team of highly skilled staffers with an extensive background in the field of finance that is always in search of new ideas and new ways to help their clients make the most of their existing capital funding. Dondero and his partners offer many varied investment opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked even by the most savvy investor. For example, someone who is looking to invest in oil and gas or the world of health care will frequently find that working directly with Dondero and his partners can help them locate such opportunities and consider new areas of this field that they may not have thought before working with the firm.

My Favorite Makeup Tips

Makeup is by far one of the most delicate and intricate aspects of getting ready for a party or event. Women everywhere know the struggle of trying to find the right makeup, the right lipstick, and the best looking foundation for the skin. It can be a little bit tough at times to know exactly what to do to your face when putting more makeup because of al the intricacies involved. Not every YouTube tutorial is going to work on each woman since very person has a different face and a different look. The goal is always to find what works for your skin. Find out my top four tips for enhancing your face, looking your best, and applying makeup to the best of your ability.

– Apply Sunscreen Beforehand

Before doing anything, put sunscreen on your skin. You won’t be able to apply any of it once you are in full makeup. The struggle is when it’s the start of the day and you’re on your way to work with the sun all up in your face once you exit the car. Applying sunscreen is truly the best thing you can do for protecting your skin. It’s a safer option and the best way to look your ultimate best for the future. To use it right, try to make sure it has a very natural clean feel to it so that the makeup you use doesn’t get jumbled up in the sunscreen.

– Use Lime Crime

Whenever I want to go wild with my makeup and I want to do something more different, I always try to use my favorite Lime Crime products. Doe Deere founded this specific brand because she wanted to give wen they ands to express themselves in their own unique way using makeup. Their tactics, the way the product creators design their makeup, and how they approach all products is what makes them so successful. They have tons of unique colors that help blend well together when you choose wisely. Doe is an exceptional makeup artist who knows what works best. The product line is also very ergonomically friendly and entirely cruelty-free.

– Make The Eyes and Lips Pop

These two parts of the face really need to be additionally accentuated for a multitude of reasons. People first notice the eyes and then the lips on a girl’s face. Men want to make eye contact with you and eventually want to stare at your lips. The key is to make these two look perfectly designed, and you’ll surely end up looking better overall. Take a white eyeliner and place it under the eyes near the outer area. It shouldn’t be entirely around the eye. Be very strategic with where you place the eyeliner. Take a lip liner and use it to add an additional set of lips. Don’t be scared to give yourself more fuller lips. Anybody can get Kylie Jenner’s lips without the Lip Challenge. Just a really good lip liner can do wonders for your lips.

Dondero and the Changing Investment Marketplace

Jim Dondero attended and graduated with honors from the School of Business at the University of Virginia. Afterwards, he worked at two different investment firms, helping both earn over $1 billion. In 1993, he and co-worker Mark Okada partnered together to co-found the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management. The asset manager specializes in investments in distressed debt. Today, Donero remains its CEO. During his many years on the job, Dondero has proven himself an absolute financial genius who is fully capable of juggling several huge projects at once.

He remains fully committed on to each and every one of his funds, and is dedicated to giving each the full attention it requires. Among the most vital of these many funds: NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, Highland Global Allocation Fund, and Highland Long/Short Equity Fund, and Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund. And his success in the investing game is only increasing. He was instrumental in helping Highland see a whopping 30% return last year. Dondero controls the majority of this: 25%!

Until 2013, Highland’s investment strategy was equity-based. This strategy had slowly been changing since 2008 when it resulted in some huge losses for Highland (and other fund managers). It has since diversified into many varying strategies and types of funds. This has worked extraordinarily well. Highland currently manages around $19 billion worth of assets with 120 positions in stocks and bonds. However, they are well aware that they should not always feel safe with the status quo. To this end, Dondero and the other portfolio managers meet at least once a week to discuss the climate of the present market and possible future strategies.

Each week everyone present presents at least ten ideas. Some of these good ideas don’t work but several ideas have actually resulted in very good decisions. One such fortunate decision was buying stock in American Airlines. The airline has since gone up significantly in quality, popularity, and therefore of financial worth. Another good idea involved investment in the charter schools organization K12 which has proven itself very successful all over the country. Dondero sees the hedge fund marketplace as a whole not doing as well as in the past. He sees Highland as continuing to lead it back to greatness in the future.

Lime Crime Cosmetics By Doe Deere

Cosmetics are an important tool for many people. People often turn to the use of makeup in order to allow them to change their look in some way. Someone who has been out of the workforce for a long time may wish to find makeup that allows them to update their look and present themselves well to an employer. Another person may want to have a look that provides them with the chance to demonstrate that they are in touch with modern color and makeup trends as well as the kinds of modern day fashion that people today are embracing. The use of makeup can help anyone make changes in the way they appear to others. Someone who knows how to use makeup is someone who can be confident they are able to present the exact look they want to others at all times.

Many brand of makeup are available for various needs. People will often need to take the time and find a makeup brand that is ideal for their specific wants. Some makeup brands specialize in helping the user project an image of maturity while others may allow the buyer to show off their creative and unconventional side. Finding the right kind of makeup is important for anyone who wants to use makeup a lot in life.

Someone who has worked hard to help provide users with the chance to pick out makeup is Doe Deere. Ms. Doe Deere has created her very own company to provide for the needs of her customers. Lime Crime is a makeup company that has all kinds of unusual colors for people to try. The company was started by Ms. Doe after she realized that she had a new and creative take on makeup to offer her potential customers. Her work in this area has allowed her to present others with the chance to purchase items that are fun and offer customers a youthful sensibility that can help anyone feel younger. The company places an emphasis on providing their customers with the chance to purchase items such as lipstick and eyeliner that are safe and highly tested as well as very dramatic.

People who purchase products from Lime Crime can purchase them from the company’s websites. They are able to buy items just by logging on the site. The site has many pictures that demonstrate how each product should be used by any person. Videos demonstrate how to apply the makeup the person has picked out. Pictures also show users how they can use other items to help create an overall look that is fashion forward and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Many people are very happy to take advantage of this feature and help them create a personal look.