The Savior of Medical Staffing: Brian Torchin And His HCRC Staffing Solution

Brian Torchin is well known in the medical community for founding the popular medical staffing company HCRC Staffing. Torchin’s company, which is used to staff medical offices across the nation, has been helping medical employers and employees connect with greater ease than ever before.

The main reason why HCRC Staffing has worked so well is due to Torchin’s own experience in the medical field. Torchin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware, and he practiced chiropractic medicine for many years. He also studied at New York Chiropractic College to hone his chiropractic skills.

It was during this time that Torchin discovered just how incredibly difficult it was to find work in the medical sector. The main problem, Torchin found, was that most medical jobs are not posted publically, and there was a great gap of communication between medical employers and well-trained employees.

To fix this problem, Torchin took a leap of faith and founded HCRC in Philadelphia. At the start of his staffing career, Brian Torchin worked with various clients in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware.

Torchin has been able to help many medical professionals hire highly qualified chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistants, physical therapists, and much more. Torchin has made contact with many urgent care centers and private clinics across the USA to expand his company’s portfolio of clients. HCRC is still headquartered in Philadelphia.

According to a video at Vimeo, Torchin is proud that HCRC is one of the top companies in the nation for medical staffing and professional consulting. While this company is well established in the USA, Torchin hopes to grow HCRC’s presence in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia in the coming years.

According to Product Hunt, Brian Torchin keeps himself busy writing various blog posts on HCRC’s website. Everything Torchin does is to help his company get better recognition in the medical market. When he finds time in his hectic schedule as CEO of HCRC, Torchin also practices chiropractic care.

Wen By Chaz In The Magazine

Try Wen Hair CareAmy McClure wanted to try the Wen by Chaz hair care product to see if it would work on her, and do what it says it does. She wrote an article about it that included pictures of her hair after she began using the Wen by Chaz hair care product. This article was published in an online magazine called Wen cleansing conditioner, created by Chaz Dean, worked well for Amy and made her hair healthier that it ever was before.

Women Everywhere Are Using The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product

They are finding that it works very well on their hair, and they are throwing away their other hair care products because they don’t work at all. They then tell other women that they know about the Wen hair care product so they too can benefit from using it.

When Ordering The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product, Pay Attention To Sales

Women that are ordering the Wen hair care product line need to check and see if there are any sales or promotions be offered. They will want to take advantage of them if there are any. They will want to buy several bottles of Wen cleansing conditioner so that they have extras. They can give them as gifts during the holidays and for birthdays.

Once a woman purchases Wen hair care product, she will see tremendous change in her hair. It is so much easier to work with, and it looks a lot better. She feels a lot more confident because she knows that she can style her hair easily, and be ready to go to any outing that she has planned.

For more information, connect with Wen Hair Care on Facebook and Twitter.

Handy Home Cleaning Is Taking the Cleaning Industry by Storm

Cleaning services are critical for homeowners and businesses. Having a clean environment is crucial to the life of a person as they remain motivated throughout the day. Many organizations are hiring organizations to offer cleaning services to them as it’s cheaper than employing a person to be doing the cleaning. Organizations that provide cleaning services have qualified professionals who ensure that your home and offices are well dusted and vacuum cleaned.

Handy Home cleaning is an organization that offers cleaning services to its clients. That team is committed to ensuring that your house and office remain clean at all times. Handy, which was initially called Handybook was started in 2012 by two former Harvard Business school Classmates. Umang DUa and Oisin Hanran were roommates while living in an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They shared a room with another roommate who was also very inspirational with their idea of starting a cleaning company. Hanran describes himself as very tidy while Umang is just Umang. The need for having an organization offering cleaning services prompted them to launch the business.

Starting a business is not easy. The startup process was very challenging. Many groups entering a business face challenges like capital, competition as well as minimum legal requirements. However, against all the odds, Handy was able to beat the competition and establish itself as a major player in the cleaning industry. It has been in the running investing and increasing its capital base. More and more customers are seeking its service making it one of the most lucrative business. was not the only player in the cleaning business. Other companies like Homejoy, Mopp and Exec also shared the market which kept all the companies on their toes. However, Handy has acquired Mopp and Exec in the recent past. The acquisition only serves to make the organization stronger.



Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus is Major Hit

Eric Lefkofsky has worked in the sales industry for the majority of his career. This has allowed him the chance to see what great sellers are and what things are not. He wants to make sure that he is doing the best in his businesses and this means being the best entrepreneur possible.

Tempus is one of the ways that he has worked as a true entrepreneur. It is a company that he came up with the idea for and something that he feels is a good thing for many people. It is an app that works to help cure cancer and is something that he is able to offer to people around the world who want to work toward a cure for cancer with the way that the app works and with what they can do with it in different situations.

While the application is not exactly sitting there and finding the cure for cancer, the proceeds do commit to a cure for cancer. They are able to donate proceeds to the cancer societies and to help individual people with the needs that they have when it comes to their cancer treatment. Tempus has been a major help to people who want to help toward a better cancer outlook but whose hands might have been tied in doing so in the past. This is something that has been a great help for many different people with the things that they have done in their time.

Eric Lefkofsky knows that cancer has an effect on a lot of people. He knows that, even if people are not directly affected by cancer, they often have had a brush with it in some way. Because of this, he knows that this is a great thing to get behind and something that people can feel good about doing to help those who have cancer. He wants to make sure that things are going the right way for people who have cancer and this means that he uses others to help him get to that point for people who are in different businesses.

Tempus is only a startup company and is not something that he feels that he should be doing when it comes to small things. Because of that, he wants to grow Tempus into something that is much bigger. This means that he is planning on making Tempus more accessible in different areas and that it will be easy for nearly anyone to use no matter where they are at. Eric Lefkofsky also plans to add different features to Tempus to help with the healthcare sales industry because he knows that this is a big part of helping to cure cancer for different people.

While Tempus is doing well, Eric Lefkofsky is planning on going in different directions with his businesses. He wants to make sure that he is successful and that there are many things that he can do with the businesses. Because of this, he is working toward adding other services for people who are in different areas. This is something that has been coming for a long time and something that he knows that he should be able to do because of the way that he has done things with Tempus and the success that he has seen with it.

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Lime Crime: A Vivid Color Collection

Discovering Vivid Color

One brand of cosmetics to familiarize with is a fun and bold company called Lime Crime. Lime Crime was created by the fashionable, trendy Doe Deere who hoped to change the face of the cosmetics industry. At a time when color was nowhere to be found, Doe took her own passion for color and came up with a collection that was truly inspired. The brand took off in no time, thanks to it’s beautiful originality, and Doe’s passions turned into a hugely successful career.


Doe’s Start

Doe’s love for color started at a young age. Whether it was playing dress up, or getting together with friends to do makeovers, color was always in her palette. For many years, Doe experimented with makeup and self expression, and then came up with the idea that she wanted to inspire others to do the same. She first started out by opening an eBay store with a few select items, and when the brand became popular, she started the website we all know and love now.


The Take-off

Doe’s internet based business has been so successful since the start of her launch in 2008. Social media has became a great tool for Doe and her company, as she uses inspiration from her fans to help her brainstorm new ideas. You can follow Doe on Instagram, where she models all of the collections best and most popular products. You will quickly fall in love with the bold, vivid colors that Doe wears so confidently. She is a true inspiration for women to self express with color. This was Doe’s original intention for her business- to empower women to feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves. Makeup isn’t just for concealing- it’s for showing the world who you are!

Using The Inspiration

Doe refers to her many fans as “Unicorns.”, and name that’s survived at the Lime Crime Facebook fan page. She is convinced it takes a special person to rock the colors featured in her collection. Doe keeps busy by constantly brainstorming new color ideas to keep her fans happy. If you haven’t yet seen the collection, you’re in for a real treat. Lime Crime and Doe Deere will inspire you to express yourself in the wildest, most confident of ways.  Read more about what Doe is planning on doing next by following them on Twitter.  Or you can read more in depth on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.


College Savings Institution Bought By Bank in Texas

The cost of a college education has been escalating over the last few decades to reach record levels and making it more important than ever before for parents and guardians to invest in a college savings plan for their family members. The College Savings Bank of New Jersey has been providing financial assistance for state level college savings plans and has become an expert group providing 529 plans for families across the U.S. since it was established in 1987; the bank has recently been purchased by the ever growing Nexbank of Dallas, Texas.

The College Savings bank has become a success after partnering with a number of different state agencies from across the U.S. to develop a successful system of college saving plans offered by state agencies in areas including Indiana and Arizona. Few details have been released about the purchase of the Princeton, New Jersey based College Savings bank, but Nexbank CEO John Holt has revealed major changes to the name or branding of College Savings bank are not planned.

The Dallas, Texas based Nexbank has been a major part of the financial landscape of the state since it first received a charter in 1922 and has developed into a major force in the U.S. banking industry. The Nexbank institution has been headed by John Holt since the bank was purchased by the investment specialist in 2011.

Despite being one of the most historic banks in Texas the growth of Nexbank has been completed at a fast level since John Holt took control of the company. The banking work of Nexbank has been divided into the three main areas of services: commercial, investment, and mortgage banking; in 2016 the Nexbank brand handles an estimated $3.5 billion in assets for clients from across the U.S.

Principal of Diversant John Goullet

Diversant is a leading technology staffing firm that has been among the best at linking information technology professionals to companies. On a regular basis, there are many technology professionals who are looking for the ideal job opportunity. At the same time, there are many companies that are looking for the best information technology talent. As a result, Diversant serves as the bridge between these two parties. What makes Diversant among the top technology staffing firms is its core values. This company emphasizes diversity, discipline and teamwork to help meet the needs of clients. Like any other successful company, Diversant is lead by John Goullet who serves as its current principal executive.

The way Diversant helps information technology professionals is by meeting with them to discuss their needs and goals. Diversant’s staff will assess the experience and background of a technology professional and find out what positions they best qualify for. They will also talk about the technology professional’s career goals and salary requirements. Then the staff of Diversant will work towards helping the individual get the ideal job opportunity. Diversant will also work with a number of technology companies who are looking to hire someone to fill a needed position in the technology department. The staff at Diversant will assess what qualifications a company needs in a technology employee and then find the one that is best suited for their organization.

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant and has been the leader of this company for many years. For over three decades, John has worked in the technology field where he has gained lots of experience. With his expertise, he is able to guide Diversant towards satisfying clients as well as further establishing the company as a top staffing firm. Before John became the principal of Diversant, he worked at a number of computing companies where he served as a consultant. This gave him the knowledge of how to best operate a technology department. After a number of years working as a consultant, John would then start up his own staffing firm in 1994. Since there was a growing demand of information technology workers, John saw an opportunity to meet this demand for others. He would later merge his company with Diversant and take on his current leadership role.

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Naomi Campbell helping improve the world

The famous runway model, Naomi Campbell, started her exciting life in 1970. She was born in London and the daughter of a modern dancer. Some even say she got her looks and gracefulness from her mother.

After receiving her first break at the age of 7 when she appeared in a music video for Bob Marley, she went on to receive her next big break while in a shopping mall in the London area. At the age of 15, she became the model that broke the mold.

She appeared in over 500 magazines and made history when she was the first black woman to be on the cover of Time magazine and others, such as Russian Vogue. As the model’s fame grew so did her popularity. Producers wanted her to appear on their televisions shows, musicians wanted her in their music videos. The little girl who started out studying ballet was now a name everyone knew.

Campbell wasn’t only a pretty face that walked the runways. She took her fame and used it to help better the world. Along with Nelson Mandela, the model created a fundraiser in 1993 to help those in need. She became so loved that Mandela named her ‘Honorary Granddaughter’ for his country.

In 2005 she created the charity ‘Fashion for Relief’ to help raise money for those in the Katrina disaster. She was also Executive Producer of a show called ‘The Face’ which aired on Oxygen network and helped fashion models get their start in the industry. The model is known for helping charities raise money for their causes.

Naomi Campbell is more than just a famous model. She is a woman who is out to make a difference in the world one step at a time.

Jason Halpern and the Growth of JMH

JMH is a huge real estate development company. It grew from a small real estate company to something so much more thanks to the best leadership possible. While it is still a family-owned company, it has been passed down between generations. It seems the last generation that has had it has made the biggest difference in the company.


What started out as only a real estate company was made into so much more by the company working to expand it into a development-focused company. The leaders of the company want to make sure that they are doing the most and this has propelled them into making the business focused on developments instead of simple real estate in the economy that they are a part of. The expansion that they took on allowed them to focus mostly on the way that things were done in the development industry of the side of the business.

New York State is a hotbed of activity for real estate developers. There are many different places that people can choose to develop in the state and they can even choose to expand into the cities once they have established themselves on the state level. The areas are filled with many different options for people who were in the different areas. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that thy are doing the best thing for their business. They have been able to make sure that they are doing things in their business.


Industrial development is a big thing in the real estate market. Developers are able to take things that were once warehouses or factories and make them into something that is much better. Developers are among the only real estate professionals who are able to make sure that things can be changed from commercial to real estate and back to commercial again if it needs to. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are getting things right with the businesses that they are a part of.


Not only is JMH Developments and Jason Halpern able to make the industrial craze a possibility within the development industry but they also make sure that their business is doing the best in the way of developing luxury apartments and luxury living options for their clients. They can take something that is industrial and ugly and transform it into something that is extremely profitable. They know that luxury sells and they do a lot for their business in the way of luxury living situations. It has made a big difference for JMH and Jason Halpern.


Handy: A Home Cleaning App for Everyone

Whether homeowners want to have regular house cleaning performed or they simply want to have house cleaning done once or twice to prepare for or recover from a big event, they are able to take advantage of the Handy app. The app promises that homeowners will be able to find the home cleaning services that they want and that house cleaners will be able to find the homeowners that they need to be able to do their services for them. The app allows them to connect with each other in a way that is safe and convenient.

Safety is key when trying to find a service on the Internet. Some websites do not guarantee that people will be safe, but Handy makes sure that their house cleaners go through various processes to ensure safety. They perform background checks and many other certifications to let the homeowners know that they are getting the right service for their home. This has allowed Handy to stand apart from some of the other services that are available on the Internet and even in the application stores. Handy sets itself apart in this way because of what it offers.

The whole point of having a house cleaner is to make things more convenient. Handy feels confident that they can make things even more convenient for homeowners by giving them the listings that show up on the Handy app. This allows them to make sure that they are doing the right thing and that they can find exactly what they need. House cleaning services that are offered on Handy are all in one location. Homeowners do not need to go sifting through classifieds or check on shady websites just to find someone who can clean their home. They can do it all on Handy.

The business model that Handy has set up seems to be working for the company. They have grown leaps and bounds in the few years that they have been in business. They are now up to 1 million bookings per week and they continue adding to that number. In an article by they are charted to be the biggest house cleaning app available on the market. They plan to continue growing their business in the coming years so that everyone can have access to the services that they need in their home whether it is house cleaning, home services or even professional services for people who own homes.