Those Who Need A Dating Application Should Choose Skout

Dating applications come in many sizes and shapes, and there are tons of them that have flooded the market. Many dating applications are specifically meant to reflect the same website that they are named after, but some applications have features and functions that can’t be accessed on the dating website itself. Those who have created a dating application try to make it a lot more fun, especially since the app is used while a person is on the go. Anyone who wants a fun dating application will want to choose the Skout application because it has features that can’t be found when using a computer to access Skout.

One of the best features on Skout is the shake to chat feature, and this feature is only available when Skout is accessed via a tablet or a cell phone. Shaking either one of these devices can allow the person to find another user who is also using the shake to chat feature. Many Skout users have spent hours using this particular feature, which is one of the best reasons to get the application. Even those who just want to chat with someone they know on Skout can still have fun using the application.

Skout has location services that help anyone to find a person that is within the same city as them. As long as a person allows their location to be on in the Skout network, then others are able to find them. Those who choose not to have their location on when they’re using Skout are free to do so, but they may hinder others from finding them, especially those who are looking for love locally. Skout isn’t just a dating site; Skout is used for all kinds of fun. Many people join Skout for different reasons.

People use Skout for dating, virtual travel, chatting, socializing and more. Many like to go on the Skout network and share information about their day or things going on in their life. There is also a way to feature one’s self on the Skout network, and this can bring a lot of attention from other people on the Skout network to the person being featured. Those who like to travel virtually will love the Skout Travel feature, which has been around for about two years now. Virtually traveling on the Skout network can allow a person to go to a lot of different international destinations, and the person will be able to learn more about the world around them.

Those who use Skout to date can easily pick a man or woman because the website has over 220 million users, and Skout’s membership grows on a daily basis. With 50,000 new members joining Skout every day, there’s no shortage of men or women on the network to date. There may be a lot of dating applications out there, but Skout definitely takes the cake. The Skout application is free to download, and using the network is as easy as pie.

Give Someone The Gift Of Home Cleaning Services

The right kind of gift is not always easy to find. People want to give someone a gift they will love. They want to give them a gift that will really be useful and help make the person getting the gift have a life that is easier. The right kind of gift can also help make it clean that the person giving the gift really and truly understands the person’s needs and wants. A truly effective gift can be one that is unique as well as one that allows the giver to demonstrate how much they really and truly care about the person’s needs and understand their inner thoughts.

One of the best gifts to give someone is the gift of a clean house. House cleaning from Handy can be a hard thing to do. In some instances, it can also be hard for the person to do physically. A new mom may be lacking in sleep and need to tend to her newborn’s needs rather than make sure the house is always clean. Someone who is elderly may not be able to reach in small places to clean the house. Many people are also very busy and do not have the time to clean the house to their satisfaction.

While the gift of a cleaning service is often an excellent idea, it is not always easy for many people to find the right cleaning company like Handy to help them out. A person who is getting the gift may be living entirely across the country, making it hard to locate and interview a cleaning company over the phone. It may also not be easy for the person giving the gift to find a company that can come when it is ideal for the person to have them in their house. Many people prefer to have a cleaning company in their house only when they can watch them clean directly.

Luckily, there is help for someone who wants to give the gift of cleaning services to another person. They can use an app known as Handy. Handy is an app that allows someone to locate many kinds of cleaning services all across the nation. The person can conduct a simple search in a specific area such as by a certain zip code. Once the details of the services required are entered into the app, the app will return a list of possible companies on to the user to allow them to find one that is right for their specific needs and aims.

So someone who lives in Nebraska but wants to help their beloved mom in Iowa can easily use the app to help them pick out a cleaning company that can be of service to their mom when she wants to have them over. They can use Handy on twitter to help them indicate a specific time for the person to come over to their mom’s house and then be assured the company will show up right when they have asked them to do so.

Deere Is An Inspirational Makeup Pioneer

It’s not too often that you can find a makeup company and a CEO that stands apart from the crowd. Most companies and the higher-ups that work for them offer similar styles and similar products. It’s not very often that you find a makeup company and a person behind it that stands apart from the crowd. Once you find them, hold onto them. A makeup company and a founder that’s different is important to utilize because they will help provide a unique look.

Doe Deere is a person who treats makeup as more than just something to put on our faces. Deere treats it as a lifestyle. She understands that some people rely on makeup. It’s their escape from reality and their chance to feel good about themselves! Some people use various cosmetics to drastically change their look. Some use it to add a little spice to their look. Then there are those who use it for holidays or special occasions. The best part is that the decision is completely up to the individual.

That decision is also made easy because Doe Deere (check out her main site!) and her company called Lime Crime offer a large variety of colors. There are colors that many people have never even seen before! Lime Crime is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to new and exciting makeup concepts. They have a product that even glows under a black light. Not many makeup companies can offer that. Deere comes up with all of these great ideas that are unique and she’s not afraid to run with them!

Deere is constantly keeping up with what people want to see in their makeup. Aside from giving the people what they want, Deere and her company give back to the community. They have donated over $16,000 to a variety of different charities that benefit a variety of different people. This includes women, children, animals and much more. Deere also ensures that their products aren’t texted on animals and are vegan friendly. It’s easy to see that this CEO and her corporation care about everyone.

Shattering invisible walls: the remarkable career of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC and current Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers football team. From her blue collar beginnings in East Liverpool Ohio, Susan has carried with her one important lesson her entire life: she is a human being first and a gender second.

This personal doctrine has served her well after college and allowed her to smash into the top echelons of two male dominated retail companies: Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters. While Chief Executive of Wet Seal, Susan was responsible for the reinvention and growth of two fashion lines that had been creatively broken for several years. She also hired world class modeling talent that allowed Wet Seal’s brand to be recognizable and sought after across the country.

As the President of American Eagle Outfitters, Mrs. McGalla not only lifted the company out of the male-only fashion business but also helped them step into the twenty-first century by expanding from one clothing line to four. Susan tells the world that she was able to crack through and excel in these businesses on PHX that were largely male dominated because she “never had a chip on her shoulder,” and always worked hard despite gender preferences that existed around her.

Susan’s experience in the fashion industry allowed her to found her own consultancy, P3 Executive Consulting LLC in 2009. This company is responsible for advising its customers on such topics as branding, marketing, talent management, and daily operations of their businesses.

Never let it be said, however, that Susan is ever bored. Beyond running P3, Susan also has served on the board of the University of Pittsburgh, the Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, and she is also on the boards of HFF Inc, a public commercial real estate mediation company out of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla always speaks highly of her parents, telling journalists that her father, who was a local football coach, never took things easy on her because she was a girl. Her parents treated Susan and her brothers the same, a fact that she says helped her get more out of life than she feels she would have if she had always played the ‘woman card.’ With her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing obtained from Mount Union College, Susan has certainly taken the retail industry by storm. Mrs. McGalla proves time and time again that she is “comfortable with both men and women” in formal business settings, as her amazing career so far has illustrated.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Bringing New Technologies To Fruition

When we communicate on our cell phones, or watch the television with a digital connection, we rarely think about the many people and innovations that it took for that technology to be a part of our lives. The results of digital technology being a part of everyone’s lives came from individuals who had a vision that no one else did, and an idea that was not realized without the hard work of the individual plus hundreds perhaps thousands of individuals. But these people have made a lasting impact on how we live and entertain ourselves on a daily basis.

When it comes to individuals who have made an impact in the world of information technology, there are few names that can be considered more of an impact player then Shaygan Kheradpir. Throughout his long and illustrious career in tech, he has shown a drive and determination for bringing new technology to the forefront, and has been a major innovator and how we all communicate today.

Kheradpir had his beginnings with GTE, where he worked as the company merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon in the year 2000. He received great notoriety while at GTE for his management style and his ability to bring new products to the technology giant in a timely manner. His management style and results was so revered, he even got a writeup in the Wall Street Journal. When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon, Kheradpir became the company’s first CIO/CTO.

During that time, Forbes lister Kheradpir went to work to bring new technology to the forefront through the new Verizon banner. He had a team of roughly 7000 individuals under him that managed and oversaw Verizon’s vast IT system. In that time, he created a process where teams of people would work on new innovations. He established a 30 day cycle for this invention phase, and incorporated the entire 7000 person team.

During that time products such as Verizon One and others were brought to the forefront. Through the innovations of these teams, Kheradpir managed to reduce spending by 30% through a number of means, including the improving of the IT infrastructure, aggressive negotiations with vendors and outside suppliers, and outsourcing many of the communications infrastructure to India.

Kheradpir was hailed for his business expertise at Verizon. He was able to reduce the overall information technology budget by over 30% in just three years. He also cut costs by reducing the technology that they were buying by 30% and lowered the output costs for staff by 20%.

Kheradpir has an extensive career of IT and business acumen. In January of 2011, he became the Chief Offering Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank of Barclays Bank. He continued to bring new innovations to the forefront, such as Pingit, a mobile payment software option. He stayed with Barclays for two years, and then took the position of CEO at Juniper Networks in January 2014.

Shaygan Kheradpir continues to look for new innovations to bring to the information and technology markets. His past knowledge and understanding of the need to continually push the envelope has made him a giant in the world of how we communicate every single day.

Flipping the Page on Social Media

There is no denying that smartphones have completely changed our lives and the way we not only communicate, but spend our downtime. We finally have the entire world at our fingertips, to do with it what we want. From finding a recipe to cook for dinner, to communicating face to face with people from around the world, smartphones aren’t going anywhere, and honestly we are better for them. Outside of smartphones themselves, perhaps the greatest advent of this technological era has been social media platforms and applications. Where as we used to have been required to be logged into a computer to share our lives, we now have the freedom to do so with touch of a virtual button.

While everybody knows the big four: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, there are a whole host of apps out there that are redefining what it means to connect with others and be online, one of them being the fast growing Flipora app. What started as a service to help users find sites they already existed, Flipora (formally known as InfoAxe) has integrated new technology that helps the process of finding new web content via social discovery. By choosing your areas of interests, a main page is created that represents the interests that you chose. When users find pages they like, they “flip” them, meaning that content is based on what users of the app collectively find interesting.

Apps like Flipora utilize amazing technology that link like minded people together, which has always been the basis of social media on smartphones. With the world at our fingertips, we not only want to “connect” to the people we know, but others out there who view the world in the same way that we do. It’s this kind of personalized experience that makes social media apps immensely popular and competitive. Though so many people use apps on a daily basis, few have broken through the barrier to become household names in the mainstream, but the fact that they have the power to do so, is incredibly inspiring. As smartphones get smarter, social media will have to evolve, and apps like Flipora seem poised to move to the forefront of that technology, by crafting a personal social media experience that is based on discovering new and interesting corners of the world wide web.

Better Shopping Experience With Image Recognition

Would you like to add spice to your shopping experience without working up a sweat? Does this sound like an infomercial? It’s not. Because with image recognition software, you can now have more stores offering deals and discounts. Taken from surveys of retail stores around the globe, people are eager to shop the modern way with visual search technology.

The most obvious benefit of this technology, aside from being able to convey to the store what you are looking for, is increased flexibility. Need to buy something on the go, during your vacation? No problem. Have to get those linens purchased between the inconvenient hours of 11pm-3pm? You can as well. Want to make sure the product you are purchasing has the same shade as the one you are seeing in the showroom? Checking on it is easy. Many people who have been shopping through this technology software say they are happier with the outcome because they get what they see. Surveys show that shoppers who have bought using image recognition software are more likely to keep their products as well.

Visual search technology or image recognition software from Slyce lets you scan your product from labels, pictures, real items and billboards and send it to the merchant. This company specializes in many other areas related to visual search. The merchant or the retail store will then look for the item and you can proceed with the purchase. A typical shopper who has used this technology can save between 20 percent to 40 percent of the retail price of the item because they are getting multiple deals from multiple retailers and locations. Some shoppers find this technology allows them to have what they want quickly and easily than conventional shopping. This saves them time and need to inquire about the item. Finally, consider what you will save in buying from a strictly regulated website with high-quality security features. The benefits are many. Unsafe transactions are considered a trigger in most of hacking incidents on the internet. Visual search technology software comes with various features that are beyond hackers’ knowledge. Then there is the comfort of being surrounded by customer support for your shopping needs. Finally, while there aren’t any study on the subject, common sense suggests that this technology fetches faster result because the items are fetched from database optimally.

Over a thousand customers were asked how satisfied they were with this type of shopping experience. People who said “very satisfied” outnumbered who never used this mode of purchase. Fortunately, visual search technology is omnipresent. It doesn’t matter if you are using your PC, cell-phone or tablet. In the virtual world, and with this software, what you search is what counts.

The Five Pillars of Wikipedia Writing

Writing for a company as large as Wikipedia can be intimidating. The information you will provide is subject to an audience of thousands, every single day. They are a virtual warehouse of information, created by a collaboration of visitors.

It is the collaboration part that makes writing an article on Wikipedia so much more user friendly than people realize. It is a site about learning, not just for guests but for contributors as well. So long as you follow Wikipedia’s five pillars of character, you will do fine.

The Five Pillars of Wikipedia

The pillars are simple:

1) It is an encyclopedia.
2) Follow the code of conduct.
3) Maintain a neutral Point of View
4) The site has no firm rules.
5) The content is free.

When you write your article, keep these character traits in mind. Their structure is loose to make way for new Wikipedia writers. The site itself, and all the content on it, is always evolving to adapt to new information. Editing is also a vital part of the evolution. Every article begins as a rough draft and is on a constant upward trend.


The first pillar covers both style and content. It should read like an actual encyclopedia entry, because it is one.

The content needs to be accurate. Double check your facts for accuracy with as many other sources as you can. Then cite the sources on the Wikipedia page.

Follow the Code of Conduct

This one is pretty basic. Do not slander or defame anyone, avoid provocative language, and keep your sense of humor to yourself.

Following the code of conduct goes hand in hand with having a neutral point of view. Your article should be objective no matter the subject.

The Site has No Firm Rules

This means your focus should be on improving articles, not critiquing them. No article is perfect. Just as you would not want someone analyzing your page for mistakes, do not do it to others.

The Content is Free

The work you publish on Wikipedia is public property. Anyone may copy or distribute it, so long as they give the website credit and are not charging money for it. You cannot sell it either.

If you are still feeling intimidated you do not have to create this article on your own. offers a writing service of Wikipedia writers to put your ideas into words. Each article is written with the Wikipedia pillars of character in mind: they follow the terms of use and leave all controversial decisions up to Wikipedia. They guarantee that your article will be accepted by the website.

Bruce Levenson: Businessman and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is known foremost as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, but he is much more than that. Looking back over his accomplishments it is evident he is also a gifted businessman and philanthropist.

Although born in Washington, DC, Bruce was raised in Maryland. He settled on Washington University in St. Louis where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. From there he returned to Washington, DC to earn a law degree from American University.

Early in his career, Bruce began a career in Journalism at the Washington Star. He also worked for the Observer Publishing’s, focusing his reporting on their energy information newsletter. In 1977 while still working at the Observer, Levenson and an associate, Ed Pedkowitz, started United Communications Group (UCG).

UCG is a business to business information provider and has grown to be the largest privately held information company in the world. The company has always been a forward thinking establishment, having won over 125 journalism awards. It was one of the first companies to deliver content on the internet. Bruce Levenson continues to oversee the company of over 1000 employees.

Tech Target is another company started under the UCG umbrella. Levenson was one of the co-founders along with several other UCG executives. Bruce is currently a director of Tech Target which went public in 2003.

He became a partner in GasBuddy mobile app, which is helping over 45 million people locate the lowest gasoline prices in their area.

Not one to be pigeon-holed, Levenson stepped outside of the information and technology realms when he co-founded DOT, another private company. DOT has invented a new cooking technology.

Levenson created Atlanta Spirit, LLC and in 2004 purchased the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the operating rights to Philips Arena. Seven years later the Thrashers were sold for $170 million. Negotiations are currently in wrapping up the selling of the Hawks, estimated to be worth $850 million

When he is not overseeing his own companies, Bruce serves in advisory positions on several others. He has served on the Boards of the Specialized Information Industry, and the Community Foundation of Washington, DC. He current is a Board Member and past president of the “I Have a Dream” foundation of Washington.

Along with sports, Bruce Levenson is passionate about philanthropy. He and wife Karen, have been instrumental in guiding the creation of the School of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

Who is Crystal Hunt?

Born in February 1985 in Clearwater Florida, Hunt is most well known for her recurring role on the popular soap opera Guiding Light. The actress has been nominated for an Emmy and first got the attention of the American public when she was cast at age 17 as Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime Emmy-winning drama.

Hunt was discovered through a stint at the Actors Workshop and was offered the Lizzie Spaulding role on the spot. That role would last four years for Hunt, garnering her an Emmy nod. Her television schedule was rigorous, but soon after she got a break into motion pictures, starring with Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion. Hunt has also been in the romantic comedy “Sydney White,” alongside start Amanda Bynes. In 2009, Hunt appeared in One Life To Live, an ABC daytime soap opera as stripper Stacy Morasco.

Hunt starred in the thriller NYC Underground, with co-starts Evan Ross, Arielle Kebbel and Dania Ramirez in 2013. The film took an in-depth look at four teenagers involved in a drug deal gone wrong in Brooklyn.

Joining first time movie director Dylan Baker, Hunt appeared in his first feature film “23 Blast.” The film also starred Baker himself, along with Timothy Busfield and Stephen Lang about the true story of a high school football player who suddenly gets stricken with complete blindness.The film got its official release in October 2014.

A cast of previous daytime as well as primetime stars got together in spring 2015 and promoted a reality television show “Queens of Drama,” which is being filmed in Los Angeles. Joining Hunt in the cast are noteworthy actresses Donna Mills and Vanessa Marcil. The cast is working both behind and in front of the cameras creating, developing and pitching the ideas for the show. For her part, Hunt, kept a busy schedule travelling between Los Angeles and Savannah, Georgia where she was filming Magic Mike XXL. That film opened to big audiences in July. Most recently, Hunt worked on her creating her first feature film with Dania Ramirez called Talbot County, a horror film in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock.

But Hunt’s interests don’t stop there. She is the creator of The Bubbler Foundation, which sells boxes of greeting cards called “Boiling Springs.” The greeting cards show displays of scenic landscapes in Boiling Springs, PA.
These greeting cards come in boxes and sell for $20.

On her website for the Bubbler Foundation, Hunt says she appeared in an advertisement with NSYNC before her breakout role in Guiding Light. Growing up in Clearwater, Hunt was a participant in a number of beauty pageants.