Doe Deere: Beauty Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, who also goes by the name Xenia, is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the make-up line Lime Crime. Originally from Russia, she moved to New York City as a child. As an adult, Deere has made her home and based her business out of sunny Los Angeles, California. She has always had a dream to be an entrepreneur of beauty products. She had dreamed of creating a line that would be bold, beautiful, and cruelty-free. With a few hundred dollars as start-up fees, and help from her husband Mark, Deere created the make-up line Lime Crime.

Lime Crime was created for those who want to be bold in their make-up. Lime Crime is made for those who want to make a statement with their look. The colors of make-up products that Lime Crime produces are true-to-color, intense, and bright. Deere built the brand both on the internet and through word-of-mouth. Lime Crime serves up their make-up in glittery packages adorned with unicorns, Deere’s magical spirit animal. Deere is hard at work constantly creating new and innovative make-up for those who love her product line. Doe Deere believes that make-up should be fun, and that belief shows in her creations on Lime Crime.

Lime Crime and Deere herself promote a lifestyle that urges others to express your true self and to live without apologizing for who you are. She is a supporter of other female entrepreneurs and women who own their own businesses. In 2013, the magazine Self-Made named Deere as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs. Deere also encourages others to live their dream and to never give up when trying to reach their goals. She is in touch with her fans and admirers, and loves to hear from them. You can find Doe Deere on Facebook, Twiiter, and Instagram.

Adam Sender – A Change in Focus

Having made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, Adam Sender became a connoisseur of contemporary art. Beginning in 1998 under the advisement of art aficionado and expert Todd Levin, Sender has amassed an impressive collection of the world’s finest contemporary art.

Sender began his collection of art in the late 1990’s after leaving a position at SAC Capital Advisers. He immediately started his own hedge fund company, Exis Capital Management. Exis operated successfully until Sender closed the doors in 2014. All the while, Adam Sender kept adding to his fine collection.

Today, Adam Sender can boast ownership of pieces by artists like Richard Prince, Rosemarie Trockel and Mike Kelley to name a few, Sender’s collection is a veritable treasure trove. In Miami last year, an exhibit of 70 pieces was arranged and promoted by Sender and his wife, Lenore. Those were pulled from the 1000 pieces held by Adam Sender and were valued at over 12 million dollars. The entire collection is estimated at more than 100 million dollars.

That change has spurred several other changes in Sender’s life. After closing Exis Capital Management in 2014, he filed for divorce from his wife, to whom he had been married for 11 years. He said, “I grew up Jewish, but more and more I find myself embracing a Buddhist philosophy,” He added, “All things must pass’”

With that having been said, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off the bulk of Sender’s collection. Over the next few months, the sale of Sender’s art will be ongoing. Mr. Sender says, “I will still be lucky enough to live with a lot of art.”

In addition to selling much of his prized art collection, Mr. Sender will be donating several pieces to select museums and galleries. However, this is not the end of Adam Sender’s art collecting days. Not by a long shot.

Mr. Sender has moved his focus from working in finance to moving within art circles. He still actively purchases pieces from emerging artists. When asked how he selects a piece or an artist, he just admits to having a good eye for it and he buys what he is familiar with. He did say that he watches new artists closely and waits until they gain a few years experience.

In any event, Mr. Sender’s shift in focus seems to have worked for him.

Beauty Phenomenon Doe Deere Lime Crime Success

Every entrepreneur has a personal story, Doe Deere’s extraordinary journey as a multitalented businesswoman and technology expert is no different. Young, spirited and gifted, Doe Deere who’s known as the “Unicorn Queen” on by her army of loyal fans incorporated Lime Crime some years ago. The sophisticated makeup line brought the rarest mix of colors and shades. Her sugary makeup flavors blew up quickly. Soon, women of fashion all wanted brighter, trendier cosmetics to evoke their inner beauty.

Today, her indie brand has accumulated a vast network of followers and it’s putting up a tough competition in cyberspace. Doe designed her cosmetics with a single vision in mind, to express beauty. Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics has become a remarkably successful brand since she debuted her first products in 2008. She’s originated an extensive catalog of cosmetics ranging from rainbow liners (liquid), eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss collection (glitter), loose pigments, lipsticks and pastel nail-polish. Lime Crime fans are spellbound by the intricate romance of these rare cosmetics.

Doe is a successful New York-based model and make-up artist too. She’s a determined innovator whose blends of cosmetics inspire modern women of mixed cultural heritage. She’s ventured into numerous industries throughout her web career, including entertainment. Doe debuted multiple singles as a recording band. Of all her projects undertaken, her cosmetic products have generated the greatest buzz. With the passion she’s embraced for makeup artistry and beauty, she couldn’t have chosen a better career. Her fairy-tale focused business extends the platform to realize imaginations.

Interviewers and fans describe Doe as a down-to-earth soul who’s passionate about her role as a beautician and businesswoman. Her testimony of life in the competitive world-of-cosmetics is a medium of inspiration for thousands. Doe kept her answers consistent and compelling when asked about Lime Crime journey from inspiration to production. She explained that she had a low tolerance for cruel makeups and the market was full of it.

According to records of her dialog, during an interview, Doe shared her personal stories of being a fairytale dreamer as a child. She wanted makeup and a real fairy-tale lifestyle. Therefore, she invented a design that embraced her true identity and sophisticated style. “Lime Crime” is her conviction. The name is an embodiment of fantasy as Deere imagined it. Doe’s cruelty-free cosmetics enterprises the coolest, trendiest collection of high-end fantasy make-up products.

In addition, Deere is seriously passionate about mythology and fantasy. Lime Crime is a true epitome of this fascination. Doe grew up in Russia, and fairy tales were of immense significance throughout childhood. With Lime Crime, Doe has turned fairy tales into reality. She’s received credits for films such as “The-Last-Unicorn,” “The Labyrinth” and “The-Dark-Crystal.” From these productions, Doe took on the name “The-Unicorn-Queen,” which has become widely accepted by her fans.

How To Make Edits To Wikipedia Articles

Who can make edits to Wikipedia articles?
Anyone is allowed to edit an unprotected page on Wikipedia. Allowing this helps make articles more informative for all readers. There is no need to be registered to edit a page and it doesn’t matter how large or small the fix is. All edits add up to making better articles. There are two methods available for editing; the new VisualEditor and the classic edit through wiki markup.

A lock icon on the top right of the page means the article is locked and cannot have any changes or edits. The page will also show a view source tab and not an edit tab. A change cannot be done to edit directly to these pages, but a request to make an edit can be submitted and an editor with the ability to make them. The editor will answer back regarding the change or edit being requested. The view source tab on the page allows for the request to be sent.

How to make edits to articles?
A formal tone must be used in articles or if adding content to articles on Wikipedia. An encyclopedic style is required for all articles with just the facts being stated- no opinions. If the edit being made has a reliable source, this should be cited.

The edit process is simple. If using the wiki markup method, start by clicking on the Edit tab located on the top of the page. A new page will open with the editable content. With the wiki markup many changes and additions can be done; hyperlinks, columns, footnotes, tables, special characters and inline citation.

Using VisualEditor was set up to be user friendly. It is an editing aid where editing pages can be completed without knowing how to use wikitext markup. Only persons registered with Wikipedia are able to use this method and can then follow the VisualEditor user guide.

What should be done after editing an article?
After completing an article there should be an edit summary placed in the edit box provided. Do not go into detail; use a shorthand method to explain the changes. Too see how the changes look compared to what the page was before edit, press the Show changes button that will show the original page and the corrected one just finished. When satisfied with the changes made press the Save page button.

What should I do next?
With thousands of editors from around the world, Wikipedia can be a difficult site to maneuver. Hiring Wikipedia writers is an option for anyone that is having trouble understanding the site. But, you should be cautious that you know something about the subject before you get involved because you never know who will be watching.


AnastasiaDate Has Many Women Available For Dating

It may be difficult if a man cannot find a woman, especially If he’s looking in certain places. Maybe a man has only been looking in his local church for a lady, and he has been unsuccessful in finding one. At times, men will go to bars and other locations to find women, but they may be unsuccessful in their venture. Women are everywhere, but men need to be more open-minded when it comes to finding a woman. It’s not necessary that a woman has to be in the same city as a man in order for the man to find the woman he wants to love.

Nowadays, it’s very possible to find love anywhere in the world, especially across the ocean. The Internet has been able to bring people closer together, even if they live in completely different countries. Anastasia Date is a dating website that has helped to bring people from different demographics together, and they create love connections all the time. The Anastasia Date website is available to all men in the USA, and the man can choose from thousands of different women that are in the country of Russia.

It’s possible for the man to find the woman of his dreams, just by visiting the Anastasia Date website. Signing up for the website is incredibly easy, and sign up takes less than a minute. Once the man has signed up for the website, then he can start searching to see if he can find the woman he’s looking for. It’s always best to keep an open mind when searching for love online because not all women are the same. If a man is looking for a certain type of woman, he can do a search for the different features he’s looking for in a woman.

It’s possible to find love on the Anastasia Date website, but the man has to be ready to look. With thousands of women available on Anastasia Date website, it may be difficult to narrow down one’s choice to a single woman. Although no man is limited to how many women he can talk to on the Anastasia Date website, if he’s looking for love, he’ll want to pick a single person to really get to know them. Getting to know one another is the starting point to finding love. The Anastasia Date website can really help two people to come together and fall in love, even though they may be on different sides of the earth.

Making Changes When Editing Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia has become an important resource for people around the world who are usually looking for some simple answers to a question or query. Although the majority of Wikipedia pages are kept up to date in a fast and up to date fashion they sometimes do need to be edited by users who are hoping to assist others in getting the best information possible. It is important for every person who decides to undertake the task of editing a Wikipedia page to understand just what they are getting themselves into and to take a few steps to protect themselves from other Internet users.

As with all Internet based work it is important to make sure the person editing a Wikipedia page is logged into their account with Wikipedia before embarking on any edits. Editors, such as those at GetYourWiki, are required to choose a username and provide Email information before making changes to any page, both of which should be neutral and used solely for Wikipedia to make sure privacy is upheld. By choosing to not log into a Wikipedia editors account the edits could be made with the IP address of the individual editor revealed to the public. This is a simple mistake that can be rectified by the help desk of Wikipedia, but can lead to a few anxious minutes for the editor. By making sure the username of the editor is gender neutral the editor can make sure they are not the subject of any gender bias when the edits they make are scrutinized by those within the Wikipedia community.

One of the first steps any editor should take when they decide they are going to make changes or update a page is to read over the guidelines to make sure the correct changes are always made. Conflicts of interest or creating pages for individuals an editor may be related to are the subject of detailed regulations that should be considered.

For Better or for Worse

There have been countless studies that would suggest that marriage and holy matrimony can be good for the health of the couple. Researchers at the Basel, Nuremberg and Berlin have studied that marriage does not increase the health of many of a person’s health indicators. Married couples eat better than singles but that information does not mean much when findings show that married couples also weigh more and did less physical activity. More than 10,000 individuals participated in the study that took respondents from the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. The study aimed to focus and compare the relationship status of an individual between their body mass indexes. Researchers were not sure where to place cohabiting couples when the study began but decided to group them with married couples. Much of the data that was collected with cohabiting couples mirrored the data collected from married couples exactly. Jim Dondero ( has learned that the data was concluded as showing the men and women who were married have higher body mass indexes than those who are single. Even though the data was taken from 9 different European countries the chance that the numbers between the countries differed were incredibly miniscule. The World Health Organization plans on using these numbers to encourage married and cohabiting individuals to lead a more active lifestyle. Offering couple memberships at gyms and community centers will inspire couples to get healthy and stay healthy.

Arlenis Sosa Weds Donnie McGrath

Arlenis Sosa, a Victoria’s Secret model, has recently made her biggest catwalk in her life- her own wedding. Over the weekend, Arlenis married her basketball player fiance Donnie McGrath. The two were married during a beach-side ceremony that was held in Punta Cana, which is located in the Dominican Republic. ValueWalk writes that Arlenis is originally from the Dominican Republic.

The 26-year-old model and bride wore an ivory dress of lace made by Reem Acra. Her 31-year-old beau was decked out in a lilac suit made by Tom Ford. The couple had around 150 guests who attended their big day. Guests included fellow models such as Anais Mali, Lais Ribeiro, Toni Garrn, Jourdan Dunn, and Eniko Mihalik. There were also NBA players such as Chandler Parsons, Joakim Noah, Ryan Gomes, and Marko Jaric there to celebrate their big day as well.

After the wedding, the celebrity couple jetted off to Bali where they are beginning their honeymoon adventures. They plan on spending some time exploring the islands of Indonesia during their honeymoon. Arlenis will be featured on the cover and the main story in this month’s issue of “Bride” magazine.

For the full story and pictures from the beautiful wedding, check them out on The Daily Mail.

Texas Court Upholds Same-Sex Divorce

The same-sex marriage issue got a little more complicated in Texas when a court granted an Austin lesbian couple a divorce even though Texas doesn’t consider same-sex marriage legal. The Austin couple married in Massachusetts in 2004, and filed for divorce in Texas in 2010. The divorce was granted then appealed. The decision comes days before the Supreme Court of the United States rules on the ban on same-sex marriages.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott opposed the ruling because Texas doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages. His argument was how can the state grant a divorce when there is no marriage in Texas in the first palce. Abbott, who Boraie Development says is a former justice and attorney general, brings up an interesting point. It seems the court ignored the Texas definition of marriage, according to Abbott. The governor said the court got it wrong when they ruled on the case.

Court battles like this one are hard to understand. But the courts of Texas do grant some strange things, An Austin judge granted a gay couple a marriage license earlier this year even though the state banned gay marriages in 2005.

Is It Wise To Keep Relationships Through A Long Summer?

Summertime is here, and many have graduated high school, or they are taking a summer break from college. Many have forged new relationships, and they may feel very strongly about who they’re dating, but it’s also possible that the relationship may quickly come to an end. Stay Together Or Break Up?. As some are starting summer vacation, is it a good idea to let go of a current relationship, or should you hold onto it? There are several things to think about if you choose to hold onto a relationship that you can’t carry with you because the person lives too far away.

Although it’s not impossible to carry on a relationship that is long-distance, many of them do not last. You may be setting yourself up for failure if you choose to hold onto a partner that you met recently while in school or college. It’s completely up to you if you choose to hang on to the relationship, but consider a few things. Since it’s summer time, many people will be dressing down or barely wearing anything at all. Imagine if your boyfriend sees a hot looking woman walking across the beach half naked, is he likely to stay faithful to you?

The same goes for women. Men are walking around with beach bodies, so is it likely that the woman will keep her eyes on the prize, or will she stray with the first guy to say “hello?”

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