Sanjay Shaw: Solo Capital’s Determined Head

The contemporary markets demand contemporary innovators. Today, anyone who is planning to enter the field of capital management needs to bring many varied skills to the table. One such investor and trailblazer is Solo Capital Head Sanjay Shaw. Shaw grew up in Africa but moved with his parents to London, one of the world’s most dynamic finance capital zones. Here, he was quickly exposed to the region’s world culture and learned how to adopt to it. He discovered that fast paced London life was just right for him. It was also here that he began to realize how much he loved the world of finance. He also discovered that he was a natural at finance and capable of understand many serious and complicated fiscal ideas.

The Start Of His Career

Shaw started his career after completing his education. He decided that the world of accounting was one that was just right for him. After the end of his training in the field, he took a job that allowed him to part of the world of numbers. However, this wasn’t quite right for him. He yearned to start his own business where he could make his mark and demonstrate his ability to help others use their own capital effectively. This led to his decision to leave his job and start a new company of his own. He knew that he could be of great help to many people. He also knew that he could be of assistance to all those who wanted to use the markets to their benefit.

Founding Solo Capital

Money was tight at first after he began his own company so he decided to save his funds and only keep a small room in London as his home base. Within a short time, he was able to see his company grow and expand beyond his wildest dreams. Today, Solo Capital is a huge success story with many people working for him in the company. He has seen his own dream come true and founded a company that he knows will have a lasting impact of the world stage.


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How Mike Baur is creating a Conducive Ecosystem for Young Digital Entrepreneurs

The Swiss Startup Factory is the brainchild of investor, Mike Baur. The venture launched in 2014. The firm seeks to create a conducive ecosystem for the budding digital entrepreneurs. It guides them from start till competition. From the time their ideas are simply prototypes to the time, they become finished products ready to be introduced to the waiting markets. Earlier on in 2016, Mike’s firm got a huge boost when they signed a collaborative agreement deal with the Geneva-based, Fintech Accelerator Fusion.

The Swiss Startup Factory provides startups with finances, coaches and mentoring necessary for success. Courtesy of the 3-month accelerator program created by the founder, Mike Baur, young innovators gets an excellent chance to showcase their work to potential investors. They also benefit from the affordable office spaces and conference rooms offered.

The platform is an excellent opportunity for the young and ambitious talents to take their ideas to the next level. The entrepreneur, with his team, has made sure they covered all the pertinent aspects surrounding any startup venture. For instance, they have experts to provide them with the necessary accounting and financial help and advice. These professionals offer the innovators vital finance services like bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll and financial management, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow progress and even reviews and analysis of the startup’s financial health.

The motto of the Swiss-based firm sums it all, brilliantly: Swiss Startup Factory is where innovation meets execution. To date, the company has won numerous awards and accolades for their outstanding work. For instance, they have helped oversee the inception to the final launch and release of a few successful startups. Startups like Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper and Beaconsmind are among the many enterprises made possible thanks to the vision and wisdom of Mike Baur.

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Mike Baur: Co-Founder & Managing Partner Zurich

Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

About Mike Baur

Since 2000 Mike has served as the CEO of ScanSource. Before that, he was the company’s president. Most of his adult life, however, has been spent working as a private banker in Switzerland. Mike started out as a commercial apprentice with UBS. Before clocking forty, the visionary leader had made his way up to become an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank.

The entrepreneur graduated from Clemson University in 1978 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He then went on to work as the director of merchandising for Gates/FA distribution firm. Later in 1992, he served as the president of Argent technologies. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester New York. Mike also has an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.

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New Info Regarding George Soros and the US Money Reserve Podcast

When you think about who George Soros is, there is a lot of information currently surrounding him and his general profile. George Soros is not just someone who happens to be highly involved in the public eye with respect to news, politics, and social issues, but he is also someone who has vast connections and considerable power as well.

George Soros is someone who you need to pay attention to in general just because while he may or may not know exactly what is about to happen, his ear is most certainly to the ground when it comes to whispers and rumors on US Money Reserve.

George Soros may or may not be the biggest financial mind in the world, but there are many reasons to pay attention to what he is doing and what he has done recently. First and foremost, he has a considerable amount of wealth at stake. Read more: US Money Reserve | and US Money Reserve – YouTube

When you talk about moving massive portions of your wealth in general then there are financial and transaction costs that you have to pay to move it. There is also the financial economic cost which is what you are potentially giving up by not allowing your money to be in wealth generating assets. Finally, when you consider the investment that George Soros moved a majority of his wealth into, you can see his real thought process.

George Soros put a tremendous amount of his wealth into gold recently and that can only mean one thing. George Soros is betting on the economy to tank in the near future. He believes it is going to sink and it is going to sink fast. Whether or not you think that George Soros is correct in his most recent prediction, the fact of the matter is he is willing to bet a significant amount of money on it being correct. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

At the end of the day you have to be sure that you are comfortable with your financial position as well. If George Soros is willing to bet that things will be bad in the near future then you should at least be aware of what is going on and you should also be aware of what kind of backup plan and strategy you could have.

Instead of leaving yourself exposed, it may be time to see what Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve can do and how they can help against what George Soros has been trying to warn everyone about.

The Influential CFO of Skout

Just here recently, the Huffington Post decided to do an interview with different women who are very popular and well known in the business world. One of the women that they decided to interview was by the name of Portia Kersten. Portia Kersten is the CFO, which is an acronym that stands for Chief Financial Officer, of a company by the name of Skout. Skout is known as one of the world’s many networking sites that is used to meet other people around the world. Throughout the interview, Portia Kersten was asked various questions. Many of the questions were centered around how her past job experiences and life experiences prepared her for where is in the Skout company today.
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Skout is one of the world’s many social networking sites that allows people to meet each other from all around the world. It is available in the app form for Apple and Android devices, so one can stay in touch with those that they meet through the app no matter where they go. Skout also lets people choose a place that they can meet the people that they have been in contact with. For example, one can choose to meet their newly acquired friends at a local concert or at a coffee shop. Skout has built in features that provide a map to the user just in case they are unsure of where they are supposed to be going. It is also useful for people who come from other countries to meet their online buddies as well as for those who are traveling to the other countries. By using the map feature that is provided by the Skout app, one can rest assured that they will not be late or get lost whenever trying to meet up with their online friends in person.
The company Skout has been up and running since around the year of 2007. That is when the idea sprung about to make creating new friendship and bonds easier than ever by the use of one single app. Ever since Skout Inc. has been founded, people have been able to connect with people all around the world at the click of a simply button. They have also been able to meet the people that they have been talking to in real life by using this app. Millions of people around the world have been using this app for some time now and have been leaving nothing but great reviews.

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Bustle Blogger Takes WEN Hair Care for 7-Day Ride

Journalists always pay attention to who, what, WEN, where and why, and in this case, the hair care system became the main headline for and facebook blogger Emily McClure. She was exhausted trying to deal with her fine, frizzy, limp locks, so she decided on her own 7-day hair challenge with the world famous no-poo cleansing method.
Popular celebrity stylist Chaz Dean invented the amazing WEN system that delivers bounce, shine and strength to any hair type in any condition. Maybe that’s why he’s got thousands and thousands of global fans.

Regular shampoos and conditioners are usually made with harsh chemicals that may clean strands with big fat lather, but in reality, these sulfate formulas weaken the hair shaft, rendering it damaged and dull. WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners restore the body and gloss with natural, calming ingredients.

Emily McClure was hoping for a major hair transformation, so she chose WEN’s FIG formula for added moisture. She posted her story with hair selfies here at

Emily admits she’s lazy about hair care but chose to wash every morning with WEN in the shower. She was thrilled that WEN produced volume, shine and softness after she blow-dried and styled her hair.

Emily made an error by not using the suggested amounts of WEN product for the length of her medium hair. She felt the 16-24 pumps was too excessive, so she used about 10 pumps and thought her hair still got the full effects.

WEN is the kind of cleansing wash that encourages one to use tons of product, because it works best, the more you use.

Emily concluded that her hair looked lovely when she followed WEN each morning with a blow-dry and styling. Her selfies prove she looks fab. If she veered off the routine, her hair fell flat. Give Wen a try! Go to the Guthy-Renker website now.

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JustFab Is The Website For Me, Especially For Summer Clothes

Summertime is right around the corner, and I’m aching for a new summer wardrobe, especially since I’ve recently lost some weight. Most of my summer shopping is done in the stores on, but this year I wanted to do something different. I chose to take the advice of several friends to shop online for my summer clothing, and this is particularly important because I have two trips planned for the summer. The only problem I see with many of the websites that I’ve gone to is their prices. Some websites have extremely high prices for their summer clothing, and I’m not a rich person, so I’m looking for low-cost clothing that still looks good.

It took some time searching the Internet before I found the JustFab website, which has been a lifesaver because they have all kinds of clothing and are always adding new items to their wide array of products. I only stumbled on the JustFab website because I was looking for shoes, and I didn’t realize that JustFab sold clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Shopping on the JustFab website was the best choice because of the fact that I was able to get many pieces of clothing as well as shoes to match, all on the same website. Since I’m going on a cruise, I was even able to find clothing that would be great to wear on the cruise as well.

I’ve always had problems finding shoes that look good with the clothes I choose to wear. Going to the JustFab website allowed me to find shoes that would be a perfect fit for the clothes that I picked, and even better, I was able to find a handbag and even some jewelry that would all match. I can’t believe their prices either because they were much lower than I’ve seen on other websites. I didn’t know I could get two pairs of shoes for under $50, especially shoes that were high fashion. I’ve checked other websites, and the JustFab website has the best-priced products.

What I love about JustFab is the fact that as a VIP member, I get 50% off my purchases in the future, and free shipping is something I can look forward to once I reach the minimum purchase amount. It’s okay if I pay for my membership for a month and don’t use the funds because any money paid towards my membership is saved in my account for me to spend at any time. I don’t know any other websites that allow a member to spend their membership fee, so I know that each month that I pay the membership fee, I’ll be able to buy great products from the website. I absolutely love JustFab.


A Look Into QNET And Its Businesses Since Its Inception

QNet Ltd was founded in the year 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company was formerly called QuestNet, GoldQuest and Ql Ltd and is based in Hong Kong. QNet specializes in selling a variety of products which includes fashion accessories like watches, home care, luxury goods, energy, and nutrition among many others. The company operates in quite a number of countries in the world like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt among others.

QNet Ltd is the main subsidiary of the Ql group of companies. At the onset of its business the company specialized in the making of numismatic coins which were custom-commissioned. Later it ventured into the business of selling luxury watches and jewelry. In its business of making coins, QNet has been able to be the supplier of commemorative coins for three Olympics competitions which include the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games, the 2004 Athens Olympics Games, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

In the year 2002, QNet diversified its business by venturing into travel and vacation by partnering with QVC Club Brand Holidays. Also during this period, QNet emerged as the official distributor of the 2002 FIFA world cup commemorative coins. In the year 2004, it became the official distributor of FIFA in 89 countries in the world. The company has been acquiring businesses and turning them into highly profitable ventures.

QNet has also tried to give back to the society by sponsoring quite a number of activities which includes football leagues like AFC Champions League and the Asian Football Confederation. Motorsport is also another field that QNet has been sponsoring. It sponsored Team Meritus which is a Malaysian based motor racing team.

Not so long ago the company ventured into selling and marketing of what it called aspirational products which the founder Eswaran claimed to boost nutrition, health, and energy for its buyers. The sales of these products constitute an estimated 30 % of the sales in QNet. The company has also introduced to the market life-enhancing products which includes a portable water filtration system and air purifier which the company prides itself that it fixes pollution issues in many homes.

The Japanese-based technology leader Sharp recently entered into a partnership with QNet, India, and co-branded Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The spokesperson for QNET India described the partnership as a win for both companies and the continued support by QNet to establish itself in the health and wellness product segment.

Andy Wirth Explains How Community Involvement Aids Squaw Valley

Plans to expand areas of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort could have caused major friction in the Olympic Valley region of California if CEO Andy Wirth had not worked with the local community to develop a plan for creating a new development agreed on by all parties involved.

Wirth has written an article for the Auburn Journal explaining the process he undertook to develop the planned improvements to the ski resort cited as the first to introduce European style accommodation to North America.

The plan to update the amenities at Squaw Valley came from the need to provide year round entertainment and services to visitors who traditionally turned their back on the region each spring. Read more: Andy Wirth – President & CEO @Squaw Valley Ski Resort and  Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

Andy Wirth has already developed a number of festivals and services offered throughout the year at Squaw Valley and neighboring Alpine Meadows, but his latest ideas on expanding visitors areas with new construction and outdoor activity areas has been developed with the aid of the local community.

The initial plans were subjected to over 500 meeting with the local community who helped change the plans to include the tallest planned structures erased from the plans or lowered by at least 30 feet.

Andy Wirth believes working with local community members has been vital to the future success of the development, which will soon be placed in front of Placer County officials for permission discussions.

The initial hearings over the development on over 80 acres of asphalt parking lots has received enthusiastic support from community leaders.

The name Andy Wirth is known to many after he hit the headlines following a skydiving accident that threatened his life.

The road to recovery has been difficult for Wirth, but has seen him throw himself into community life in Olympic Valley as the chair of development for the local airport, and a prominent campaigner for environmental issues. Andy Wirth has also returned to competition in Iron Man competitions in his bid to raise funds for Navy Seals returning home from active duty.

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Maduro And The Perils Of Venezuela

The central government in Venezuela released data on Myspace, Thursday showing the amount of recession that the country is going through at the present moment. The bank reported that the inflation rate in Venezuela has gone to 280.9%, and it is one of the highest interest rates in the world. The economy also contracted 5.7%. All of this information shows that Venezuela is truly a country that is in economic despair. Many of the measures that are taken to help the economy in Venezuela will not significantly improve any of the problems with finance in the country. The country is currently facing a lack of basic needs such as medicine revealed Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados.
Yesterday President Nicolas Maduro announced that he was going to carry out different measures in order to help save their economy. The first thing that the president wants to do is increase the price of fuel. This increase has not taken place in almost 20 years. The fuel increase could amount to 5% of the year’s budget. The increase of fuel should’ve happened a long time ago, because now the country is suffering horrible consequences.

Apart from the measures that involve fuel, Maduro also wants to take measures to encourage citizens to not use as much electricity, and the government is turning off electricity for certain parts of the day in order to correct the issue with the lack of water in the country reservoirs.

Skout Celebrating Super Hero Day by Bringing People Together and Making Wishes Come True


In celebration of SuperHero day on April 28, Skout has launched a number of fun social activities that gives back to the community as well. Skout is an online social app connected to FaceBook that allows people to meet and expand their social networks. They are known for their fun icebreaker games and the company took advantage of Super Hero Day to created themed activities to help spark dialogue among strangers and give back to the community.

Skout is known for giving back to the community through their virtual gifts. They have helped such noble causes such as pets, like Muttville or CatTown, helping to serve pets in need and making sure they received wellness exams. Their donations have brought awareness to combating hunger and helped serve 300,000 in the San Francisco area. Their virtual gifts do bring them a profit and the company reinvests in their community.

On Superhero day, they decided that a portion of the profits will go into investing in real life heroes, the Make A Wish Foundation. Every time a user sends a super hero themed gift to another user, they will donate to make a wish until the wish is fulfilled. Skout truly is getting into the theme of Super Hero Day.

The other super hero themed activity is a survey given to the users to see the results of how the general public feels about super heroes. Skout’s fun activities help to break the ice between strangers and most of them are completely free. The survey showed that generally 3/4 of those who answered believed helping others is the way to be a hero. Also, they answered that they wanted to be a superhero in real life.

The funnier answers, like about their favorite superheroes or accessories, help to build dialogue. Interestingly, most women prefer Batman, while men prefer Superman. For their super power, most people want immortality and the ability to fly came in second. 80% of people want to be a superhero in real life and most believe that selflessness is the key. Skout has celebrated a fun day in a way that helps people to start conversations and gives back to the community.

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