Arlenis Sosa Weds Donnie McGrath

Arlenis Sosa, a Victoria’s Secret model, has recently made her biggest catwalk in her life- her own wedding. Over the weekend, Arlenis married her basketball player fiance Donnie McGrath. The two were married during a beach-side ceremony that was held in Punta Cana, which is located in the Dominican Republic. ValueWalk writes that Arlenis is originally from the Dominican Republic.

The 26-year-old model and bride wore an ivory dress of lace made by Reem Acra. Her 31-year-old beau was decked out in a lilac suit made by Tom Ford. The couple had around 150 guests who attended their big day. Guests included fellow models such as Anais Mali, Lais Ribeiro, Toni Garrn, Jourdan Dunn, and Eniko Mihalik. There were also NBA players such as Chandler Parsons, Joakim Noah, Ryan Gomes, and Marko Jaric there to celebrate their big day as well.

After the wedding, the celebrity couple jetted off to Bali where they are beginning their honeymoon adventures. They plan on spending some time exploring the islands of Indonesia during their honeymoon. Arlenis will be featured on the cover and the main story in this month’s issue of “Bride” magazine.

For the full story and pictures from the beautiful wedding, check them out on The Daily Mail.

Texas Court Upholds Same-Sex Divorce

The same-sex marriage issue got a little more complicated in Texas when a court granted an Austin lesbian couple a divorce even though Texas doesn’t consider same-sex marriage legal. The Austin couple married in Massachusetts in 2004, and filed for divorce in Texas in 2010. The divorce was granted then appealed. The decision comes days before the Supreme Court of the United States rules on the ban on same-sex marriages.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott opposed the ruling because Texas doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages. His argument was how can the state grant a divorce when there is no marriage in Texas in the first palce. Abbott, who Boraie Development says is a former justice and attorney general, brings up an interesting point. It seems the court ignored the Texas definition of marriage, according to Abbott. The governor said the court got it wrong when they ruled on the case.

Court battles like this one are hard to understand. But the courts of Texas do grant some strange things, An Austin judge granted a gay couple a marriage license earlier this year even though the state banned gay marriages in 2005.

Is It Wise To Keep Relationships Through A Long Summer?

Summertime is here, and many have graduated high school, or they are taking a summer break from college. Many have forged new relationships, and they may feel very strongly about who they’re dating, but it’s also possible that the relationship may quickly come to an end. Stay Together Or Break Up?. As some are starting summer vacation, is it a good idea to let go of a current relationship, or should you hold onto it? There are several things to think about if you choose to hold onto a relationship that you can’t carry with you because the person lives too far away.

Although it’s not impossible to carry on a relationship that is long-distance, many of them do not last. You may be setting yourself up for failure if you choose to hold onto a partner that you met recently while in school or college. It’s completely up to you if you choose to hang on to the relationship, but consider a few things. Since it’s summer time, many people will be dressing down or barely wearing anything at all. Imagine if your boyfriend sees a hot looking woman walking across the beach half naked, is he likely to stay faithful to you?

The same goes for women. Men are walking around with beach bodies, so is it likely that the woman will keep her eyes on the prize, or will she stray with the first guy to say “hello?”

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Married at First Sight Couple Splits After The Finale

As if anyone is really surprised, Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro have called it quits right after the finale of the “Married at First Sight” show aired. What is it with these reality shows? There is hardly a couple that stays together on them. Are we just wanting entertainment so badly that we are compromising the sanctity of marriage to do so?

This show is the latest version that is based on finding true love or being forced into a relationship that probably would have never worked without cameras and lights. It’s similar to the ABC hit shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Looking at the history of these shows, there has only been a hand full of relationships that have actually worked. What it is mass confusion and a whole lot of getting physical with people for the sake of the cameras.

The problem is that these shows aren’t reality. When the glitz and glamour of being on film wares off, the people realize that they had nothing to begin with. What started out as an innocent TV show has impacted so many people’s lives. The only true success story is Trista and Ryan Sutter from “The Bachelorette” series. Recently, fan Gianfrancesco Genoso stated that they had the fairy tale wedding, two children and are still going strong. They may be the only couple who has made it this long in a seemingly impossible situation. It seems these shows ruins more people than it does help.

Are Tattoos Still Considered A Symbol Of Individuality?

Years ago, it was relatively rare to see a regular member of the population sporting a tattoo. They were formerly associated with people such as sailors, gang members and other people who wanted to set themselves apart from the norm by expressing their individuality. Some like Paul Mathieson just aren’t fans of the tattoo period.

However, these days, tattoos are a fairly common phenomenon, with an article on reporting that as many as 22 percent of the male population of Australia between the ages of 20 and 29 having at least one tattoo. Australian women in the same age group boast an even higher figure, with approximately 29 percent of this demographic sporting a tattoo.

It would seem that because there are now so many people with tattoos, they are no longer the individuating factor that they once were. It’s equivalent to a collector’s item: If everyone has it, it’s loses some of its luster.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo because you want to stand out from the crowd, you may want to consider some other eye-catching way to get the attention of the people around you. Tattoos no longer seem to do it.

Kim Kardashian Explodes Out Of Clothes

Kim Kardashian recently announced that baby number two is on the way, and it seems that the entire world is buzzing about the news according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were struggling to get pregnant for a long time, but it seems that they were successful this time. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian is already complaining about her current weight gain. Apparently, Kim is exploding out of many her outfits.

E! recently published an article about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy struggles. Kim says that some pairs of her shoes are just too tight to squeeze into, and her pants are even worse. Kim Kardashian also revealed that she has to walk around with some of her clothes unbuttoned, and it has caused her a great deal of embarrassment.

Many of Kim Kardashian’s outfits force her to squeeze into incredibly tight spaces. Kim is going to have to give up her stylish wardrobe. However, Kanye West will never allow such a thing. Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married, Kim Kardashian has been Kanye’s fashion guinea pig. If you didn’t know, Kanye is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, and some people feel that he is using Kim to sell his products. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian is clearly voicing her complaints against her tight clothing, and Kanye needs to understand Kim’s difficulty.

Clothing comes alive with Google and Levi’s

It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but it became a reality at a conference in Mountain View, California. Google and Levi’s have announced that they are teaming up to create the first interactive line of clothing confirmed Brad Reifler.

Conductive yarn can be woven into the fabric of any material with the unique potential to transform every day clothing into interactive devices. The demo that was shown on-site can be seen here. Without staring at a screen or grabbing for a device, users will be able to adjust their music or access their smartphone.

The full details of the project have not yet been released. While it is assumed that by teaming up with Levi’s, the interactive clothing will be jeans, or at least made of jean material, they have not explicitly said. They have also not released what functions the interactive clothing will be able to perform. They have demo-ed some of the possibilities, but the line that will be available to the public has yet to be determined.

The goal is to make technology accessible and add to a person’s daily life without allowing it to infiltrate their personal relationships. Levi’s VP of Innovation firmly believes that a digital world is possible while still maintaining eye contact with the person you are having dinner with. The mash-up between these two companies will offer a unique solution to living among digital everything.

Infidelity, it’s in Your Genes

Beneful postulates that when people get married, it is customary that the couple stays faithful. In the majority of vows, one or both people usually touch on the act of being faithful and monogamous. Even though 91 percent of the population find that cheating is morally wrong, around 22 percent of men and ten to fifteen percent of women find themselves engaging in sexual or emotional relationships outside of their relationships. Studies were previously shown to confirm that men have an innate desire to cheat. Some men just control it better than others. However, science has recently produced data that would suggest that it is not just men who are driven to cheat.

A group of Finnish women were studied to test their promiscuity and their willingness to cheat. As it turns out, cheating isn’t a male flaw, but a flaw that is essentially based on your genes. There is a receptor in everyone’s brain that deals with hormones and the desire to procreate. When people attach themselves to someone monogamously, this receptor usually gets blocked by hormones set in motion by your partner, male or female. The study concluded that a connection, be it emotional or physical, between another person who is not the partner, could essentially turn off the receptor and give the hormones free reign. Scientists are saying that certain cases of infidelity are purely animalistic. They did admit however, that not every situation is the same. There are definitely times where men and women cheat on their own terms. With so many variables in the subject, scientists plan on continuing the initial study.

Dina Lohan Loving Life

Dina Lohan is the mother of superstar celebrity Lindsay Lohan, and she was also an actress herself in the late nineties. Many people believe that Dina Lohan has always tried to use her daughter’s fame to further her own image. Aside from being a low level actress, Dina Lohan was also Lindsay Lohan’s manager.

As of right now, Lindsay Lohan is having a hard time in her life. However, it appears that Dina Lohan is having the best days that she has ever seen. Lindsay could possibly end up in jail for driving erratically, and she has even threatened to leave the country. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Dina Lohan cares too much about her daughter’s problems. Dina is busy falling in love with her new boyfriend.

Several pictures of Dina and her new man were revealed on TMZ. Paparazzi caught the pair sitting in the grass laughing away. Instead of caring for her daughter, Dina Lohan is having the time of her life. Fans of Lindsay Lohan are furious with Lindsay’s mother, but there are some people that feel that Lindsay is old enough to deal with her own problems. Some like Ray Lane feel that Lindsay has reached an adult age and she should have her friends to lean on as well (Reuters). However, it is hard to deny the Dina Lohan used her famous daughter’s position to bask in the celebrity limelight. Dina Lohan even appeared on a new episode of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ but she apparently found the man of her dreams on her own.

Cannes heels Leads to Shame and Growup for Cannes

Given the evolving role of women in society and the recent wave of feminism that is thankfully sweeping the world, certain things are a complete no-no. Asking women to dress how someone – anyone – wants; telling them that they cannot wear revealing clothes because it’s “obscene”; and finally, turning women away from a grand red carpet event just because they are not wearing heels. Cannes has committed the cardinal sin by following the third option.

According to various Twitter reports and eyewitness accounts, the film festival turned away women who were in flats. This also goes for people who had disabilities or health issues in relation to wearing heels. It seems that all the UN gender equality meets have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the film industry because suddenly, flats are not fashionable formal shoes anymore. The invitation only specified that the attire should be formal. Gone are the days when heels were needed to make an outfit look glamorous (or formal) but sadly, this information is new to the organizers of the film festival.

Taking to Twitter, many celebrities and users criticized Cannes for being sexist and the hashtag #cannesheels started trending on the social media website. People turned away for wearing flats included the director of Amy, Crystal Hunt and Asif Kapadia’s wife. Perhaps, the next time the film festival of Cannes comes to town, it would have the good sense to do its homework in fashion and gender politics.