Maduro And The Perils Of Venezuela

The central government in Venezuela released data on Myspace, Thursday showing the amount of recession that the country is going through at the present moment. The bank reported that the inflation rate in Venezuela has gone to 280.9%, and it is one of the highest interest rates in the world. The economy also contracted 5.7%. All of this information shows that Venezuela is truly a country that is in economic despair. Many of the measures that are taken to help the economy in Venezuela will not significantly improve any of the problems with finance in the country. The country is currently facing a lack of basic needs such as medicine revealed Mr. Danilo Diaz Granados.
Yesterday President Nicolas Maduro announced that he was going to carry out different measures in order to help save their economy. The first thing that the president wants to do is increase the price of fuel. This increase has not taken place in almost 20 years. The fuel increase could amount to 5% of the year’s budget. The increase of fuel should’ve happened a long time ago, because now the country is suffering horrible consequences.

Apart from the measures that involve fuel, Maduro also wants to take measures to encourage citizens to not use as much electricity, and the government is turning off electricity for certain parts of the day in order to correct the issue with the lack of water in the country reservoirs.

Skout Celebrating Super Hero Day by Bringing People Together and Making Wishes Come True


In celebration of SuperHero day on April 28, Skout has launched a number of fun social activities that gives back to the community as well. Skout is an online social app connected to FaceBook that allows people to meet and expand their social networks. They are known for their fun icebreaker games and the company took advantage of Super Hero Day to created themed activities to help spark dialogue among strangers and give back to the community.

Skout is known for giving back to the community through their virtual gifts. They have helped such noble causes such as pets, like Muttville or CatTown, helping to serve pets in need and making sure they received wellness exams. Their donations have brought awareness to combating hunger and helped serve 300,000 in the San Francisco area. Their virtual gifts do bring them a profit and the company reinvests in their community.

On Superhero day, they decided that a portion of the profits will go into investing in real life heroes, the Make A Wish Foundation. Every time a user sends a super hero themed gift to another user, they will donate to make a wish until the wish is fulfilled. Skout truly is getting into the theme of Super Hero Day.

The other super hero themed activity is a survey given to the users to see the results of how the general public feels about super heroes. Skout’s fun activities help to break the ice between strangers and most of them are completely free. The survey showed that generally 3/4 of those who answered believed helping others is the way to be a hero. Also, they answered that they wanted to be a superhero in real life.

The funnier answers, like about their favorite superheroes or accessories, help to build dialogue. Interestingly, most women prefer Batman, while men prefer Superman. For their super power, most people want immortality and the ability to fly came in second. 80% of people want to be a superhero in real life and most believe that selflessness is the key. Skout has celebrated a fun day in a way that helps people to start conversations and gives back to the community.

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Salmon, Chicken, Lamb, and Beef: A Few Wet Food Options from Beneful

For dogs that love wet food blends, Nestle Purinastore the creator of Beneful has a lot to offer. Every dog has different tastes and needs, but Beneful has so much to offer that it is almost impossible not to find the perfect blend for the perfect dog. In this short article we will go through some of Beneful’s best options for dogs who love wet food blends.
1. Beneful Incredibites Beef Flavor is a rich and hearty blend. The main ingredients are real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This is perfect for adult dogs that could use the beef, as well as get the benefits of the veggies. This hearty blend is perfect for dogs that need a bit of protein in their diets.

2. For dogs that don’t like red meat or poultry, no need to fear. Incredibites has a wonderful salmon blend that features real salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. The salmon is perfect to help older dogs. Just like salmon is great for us humans, this super-fish can help dog’s brains and overall health. Dogs need Omega-3s just as much as we do, and this blend helps them get all the benefits of salmon into their system.

3. Beneful’s Simmered Chicken Medley is a great option for dogs that love their fresh chicken. This recipe is made of chicken, green beans, carrots, and wild rice. For dogs that don’t like to finish their bowl, these Beneful dishes are very convenient because they could be used as re-sealable tubs. Dog owners never have to worry about wasting food or money with these re-sealable packages.

4. Finally, what dog wouldn’t love a trip to the Mediterranean? Well, we humans certainly enjoy it, so why not treat every dog to Beneful’s Mediterranean Style Medley? This dish includes lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. gives dogs everything they need from the healthy veggies, and the savory flavor or the lamb will keep them satisfied. This indulgent dish is sure to make any pooch happy and healthy. These products can be purchased online thru



Style and Comfort, Together at Last

There are many trends that fade away quickly. Parachute pants, shoulder pads, and rat tails to name a few. These are styles that were inexplicably popular for a short period of time before people realized how awful they actually were. Thankfully, certain trends make a lasting impression. The little black dress, flat dress shoes and denim have been around for decades because of their versatility. They can be altered to work with any ensemble and fit in seamlessly. Recently, there has been growing buzz around the athleisure trend. Clothing that people would usually wear for activities like yoga classes are being worn all day long. While it is incredibly comfortable, many are wondering if athleisure will last.
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Fabletics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Between work, errands, and trying to maintain a social life, people are much busier than they used to be. Popular fashions today include skinny jeans and thigh high boots. While they are nice to look at, they are often binding and uncomfortable. Athleisure is allowing people to go out in leggings and yoga pants and look completely natural. For anyone who is consistently on the go, athleisure is a breath of fresh air.

Fabletics is a company that specialized in gorgeous active wear for their customers. Co-founder Kate Hudson has become the face of a company that is using clothing to remind fans how important living an active lifestyle actually is. Being a subscription based website, Fabletics allows customers to sign up for a VIP membership that lets them save on all the latest fashions. In fact, Fabletics recently introduces an athleisure line of their own and members will be able to get in on the trend without spending their entire paycheck. In a recent article from, Hudson and other celebrities can be seen with athleisure selections of their own. This new style is redefining fashion rules for the better.

Athleisure is a trend on that many want to stick around. With companies like Fabletics giving customers more and more options, it appears as though people will be able to go right from work to the gym without a second thought. Thanks to athleisure, comfortable clothes have never looked so good.

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Angelina Jolie Chooses Classic Gray Ensemble for London Dinner

Actress Angeline Jolie rarely disappoints on the red carpet, applauded often for her exquisite taste in fashion and beauty. Even when she’s out and about with family or friends, she always looks polished and sophisticated. Maybe it’s her natural elegance and beautiful bone structure with her fabulous sense of style that create such a stunning image. Maybe that is why so many women around the world like to copy her quiet chicness.

Fashion icons like Angelina Jolie are wise in sticking to classic shades like grays or camels. These are the ideal neutrals that will always serve you well. According to, wearing neutrals all year long work well, even during summer.

Angelina chose head-to-toe gray for an evening out in London recently, looking gorgeous in a gray dress, matching peep-toe heels and knit wrap. She also chose a great-looking black satchel and wore small stud earrings. adds that neutrals like gray are the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe, because everything always matches, and you can zero in on fit and shape, because the color is not the emphasis.

When you want to emulate a polished, classic Angelina Jolie look, then fine shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim are a must. When these choices are affordable and made of high quality, then it’s exciting to build a collection. JustFab is the perfect online subscription fashion retailer that features a wide variety of cool accessories. They offer Angelina style with timeless neutrals and pieces that will instantly fit into your current wardrobe. They also offer new trends to add to your style.

JustFab makes your online shopping so easy, with just the click of a mouse. If you join their VIP membership, then you save up to 30% every day, receive great perks and access to the newest styles. The unique shopping retailer, JustFab offers a personalized shopping experience based on members’ indicated fashion preferences. It takes the guesswork out of so much looking and matches you up with your favorite stuff, be it an awesome handbag, bracelet, wedges, or jeans.

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Help Change The World Through The QNET Positive Thoughts Project

Can positive thoughts change the world? You better believe they can and QNET is on a mission to prove just that.

QNET, which happens to be one of the largest direct selling companies in Asia, has teamed up with HomePure as part of the RYTHM Foundation initiative. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and that is exactly what QNET is doing with this project. RYTHM Foundations goal is to get at least 1000 positive comments from people like you and me. Every 1000 comments submitted will help provide clean drinking water to children in need.

Here is how the Positive Thoughts Project Works:

Over the next few weeks QNET is asking all of their Facebook friends to leave a positive comment on this Facebok post. Within the first two weeks the goal is to reach at least 500 positive comments. If that happens Taarana, a school who helps children with special learning needs, will receive a HomePure RED from QNET.

In phase two of the project, which is the last two weeks, if another 500 comments are received QNET will donate another HomePure RED to a school in need. The second time around the school receiving the HomePure RED will be the Rashid Centre in the UAE.

To ensure all comments are valid, there will be a review process. Any comment deemed not suitable will not be counted towards the goal of 1000 comments. So please, take the time to leave a comment that will actually make a difference in someones life. You never know who will be reading these comments.

Please note you are only allowed to leave a maximum of 3 comments. Leaving more will not count towards the goal.

The great thing about this project is it involves doing something you probably already do. Most people on the planet have a Facebook account they use on a daily basis. Why not check out the QNET post the next time you log in and leave a positive comment? It will take you less than 30 seconds and it has the potential to change someones life forever.

Once you leave a comment please feel free to share the project with your friends. While the goal is to reach 1000 comments, the reality is, the more comments QNET gets, the more people they can help. So go ahead, leave a comment today and help provide a child with clean drinking water.

To learn more about QNET and the Positive Thought Project, visit their website at

The Amazing Success of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

With the rise of social media, it is easier for individuals to show off what they are working with. Likes and comments on a photo can greatly boost anyone’s self-esteem. However, it is also easier than ever now for someone to feel self-conscious about how they look. There has been a new trend in women’s fashion that is related to yoga pants. This is creating a new level of insecurity about how the body looks from the waist down. There are more women now that are looking towards corrective cosmetic surgery to create a more aesthetic body with this clothing choice. Finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform these risky procedures is very important to do. These procedures are something that the patient will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is hailed as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the country. Growing up with a dentist as a father and a surgical nurse as a mother, it is easy to see why Dr. Walden chose to go into cosmetic surgery. Starting at University of Texas, Dr. Walden earned her undergraduate in Biology. She then went on to get her medical degree from University of Texas.

Walden then learned all of her amazing skills at the Manhattan Hosptial of Eyes, Ears, and Throat. Dr. Walden moved back to her hometown of Austin after her twin boys were born in 2011. She was quickly recognized as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in all of Texas. The future looks very bright for Dr. Walden as she continues to push the limits of quality in cosmetic surgery. Walden is setting the bar very high for other cosmetic surgeons not only in texas but all over the world.

The Caring Community at Status Labs

As the president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher runs a very caring organization. He realizes that one mistake should not ruin a person’s life so he works to ensure that companies and individuals manage their online reputation. Darius regularly meets with his employees believing that the best ideas often come from the people who are dealing with his clients on a regular basis.

Darius Fisher also believes that in order to succeed a company must be based on a strong ethical foundation. That is why Status Labs took steps this year to formalize those policies so they are clear to everyone that works for the company.

As the organization continues to grow with the addition of 10 new search engine optimization experts, Darius realized that his organization needed to keep his people focused on the needs of Austin, Texas, where his employees are located. Therefore, he polled his employees to determine what organizations they felt were worth supporting. He then challenged his employees to plan or participate in events to support those organizations.

One organization that Darius Fisher helps support is Dress for Success. The volunteers at Dress for Success give clothes to women who are going for job interviews or who have trouble affording a professional wardrobe. In addition to giving clothes to these women, each one meets regularly with a mentor who is already successful in the business world.

Another organization that Status Labs is proud to support is Caritas of Austin that works to stabilize the environment for many hungry and homeless people in the city. Clients of Caritas are first assisted in getting a stable living situation and then volunteers help these individual secure employment, education, food and mental health services.

After work, many Status Labs employees can be found gardening with Urban Roots. Young people are encouraged to work on the 3.5 acre urban sustainable farm allowing them to learn more about where food comes from before it arrives at grocery stores. About 40 percent of the food is then donated to groups feeding Austin’s poorest residents while youth sell the other 60 percent at farmers’ markets.

Bruce Levenson: Four Decades Of Successful Business And Impactful Philantropy

Bruce Levenson is a shrewd businessman, an innovator, and a long-time philanthropist. He was also part owner of an Atlanta Hawks team that won the most games in a single season in its history under his watch. But people that know Bruce Levenson are not surprised. They know he has a knack for giving people and organizations exactly what they need to be their best. That is obvious to anyone with knowledge of the work he has done with United Communications Group (UCG), the company Levenson co-founded with Ed Peskowitz, the software and information industry on, and non-profit organizations.

Born in Washington, D.C., Bruce Levenson on ucg was raised in nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland. He had an interest in the law, journalism, and business and pursued all three. A graduate of both American University and Washington University, Levenson attended law school at night. During the day, Bruce Levenson worked at the Washington Star as a journalist. When he graduated in 1977, he started UCG with Ed Peskowitz. Levenson was also a founding board member of the IT media company TechTarget. His work is so well respected, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association in 1997.

Bruce Levenson has a long history of working with non-profit and charitable organizations. Some of the organizations he has worked with include the Hoop Dreams Foundation, Seeds of Peace, Washington, D.C.’s Community Foundation, the SEED Foundation, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. He was also one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s founding donors. One of the most impactful projects undertaken by Levenson and his wife is the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Located on the campus of the University of Maryland, the organization prepares students to create and run charitable organizations.

Bruce Levenson has a track record of success. It began with the United Communications Group he started with Ed Peskowitz in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Initially the company published a newsletter called Oil Express. UCG then purchased several other newsletters and created a number of databases serving the telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, and several other industries. Purchasing and then selling the Atlanta Hawks was another business master stroke. But many people rejoice when Bruce Levenson makes a successful business deal because they know his track record for giving to the less fortunate.

People all over the world have heard of Bruce Levenson. He is a legend in business and philanthropy.

Fabletics Appeals to Different Ends of a Wide Spectrum


In an area where obesity trumps fitness with the American population as a whole, it was a risky thing for Kate Hudson to get involved with a fitness clothing line. This could have become something that could have easily failed because it was a niche market with a much smaller demographic consumer base in America. This is why she was smart enough to expand beyond America through the Internet. The online store has no boundaries, and this is one reason that Fabletics was able ship a million orders in a short time frame.

The brand is expanding even more now because this is the company that is gaining exposure as the business that will be coming to a city near you. With 100 stores that are expected to open in the next 5 years it is likely that a whole new world of consumers is getting connected to this brand. This is a good thing for Kate Hudson because she has been putting a lot of time and effort into making this brand stand out.

The fitness crowd of consumers are small in relation to the general population, but that is not the only group that Kate Hudson is appealing to. That is the beauty of building a brand like this. Workout clothing is going to to be marketed to appeal to those that exercise on a regular basis, but there is another crowd that is being targeted as well. There are people that like to work out that will enter the doors of Fabletics without giving it a second thought. There are other people, however, that are going to be considering working out for the first time. These are two completely different crowds that will have different needs.

This is where the store is going to become relevant. People that are working out on a regular basis already know where to find clothes. They are also part of the market that has saturated the level of online sales. There are others, however, that have never worked out and they have no idea where they need to look to find any workout clothes. Fabletics will become the store brand that gets into the minds of consumers as these physical stores come into existence. This will be the store that people see and buzz about for fashionable fitness. That is going to be how Kate Hudson and her Fabletics brand captures the attention of a large crowd.

Consumers are going to see the change in the growth of this brand with the new stores. They are going to realize that this brand is one that is here to stay. It is not an overnight trend that will fade into the background.