Scientists Confirm Mindfulness Cures Depression

Mindfulness has become a popular term in our culture, mainly due to a large body of research that has slowly seeped into the heart of science. There is currently a paradigm shift happening in regards to both modern medicine and psychology, mindfulness is becoming a recognized and accepted treatment within both fields, mainly due to an overwhelming amount of evidence.

A therapy model called Mindfulness-based Behavioral Cognitive Therapy (MCBT) has been confirmed as an effective alternative treatment for depression for those who do not want to take antidepressants.

While a mindfulness-based approach may not be for everyone who suffers from depression, it certainly works for those who successfully learn the techniques. Mindfulness therapy teaches an individual how to become fully present in the “now”, allowing a person to experience their thoughts in a completely different way.

Ray Lane from Aquionenergy explains how the therapy works: MCBT tries to teach people how to become the observer of their thoughts, instead of thinking their thoughts unconsciously and then acting upon impulsively as well. This allows an individual to recognize negative thoughts, and learn how to replace them with more productive ones.

The recent findings showing the effectiveness of MCBT is changing how we think about depression, while also providing insight into the human mind. Many people have benefited from this training and are able treat their symptoms without, potentially harmful, antidepressants.

Boy Finds Grandfather’s Nearly 45-year-old Love Letter in a Bottle

For decades, Lake Murray, North Carolina has been a popular place for the Rogers’ vacations.It was also a great place to have a church picnic. Nine-year-old Nolan didn’t realize when he was playing in the wooded area that he’d find a bit of family history. The boy found an empty old Dr. Pepper bottle that had washed up on the bank. Thinking it had something to do with pirate treasure; the boy opened the bottle and pulled out the note. He was surprised the note was addressed to his grandfather, Mike Rogers.
When Mike was a teenager, he was being punished for misbehaving and had missed the church gathering at the lake. His then-girlfriend was 13-years-old and very disappointed that he could not attend. She took an empty Dr. Pepper bottle and wrote him a note telling him she missed him. When she finished writing the note, Diane Bryant recapped the bottle and threw it into the lake, in hopes Mike would find the bottle when he and his family were at the lake that summer. Diane didn’t know that it would take forty-five years for Mike to find the bottle with the note. It turned out Nolan found the bottle and handed it to his grandmother, Vicki Garrick, who recognized the handwriting and sent her best friend a picture of the letter. Romantic types like Brian Torchin are happy to know that everyone is having a good laugh over it.

I’m traveling To Jamaica For Vacation, Thanks To Skout

I’m currently on a flight, and on my way to Jamaica, and I have Skout to thank for the whole thing. It may be puzzling to understand how I can thank Skout for my trip to Jamaica, but I owe it completely to the social media network. I live in New York City, and I’ve heard a lot about Jamaica, from the many different Jamaicans that live there. Although I have a few Jamaican friends, I’ve always wanted to experience the island for myself. I used Skout before a few times, but I really got into it, after they added the travel feature.

The Skout travel feature allows me to virtually travel to any place that I choose, and I chose to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Amazingly, I was able to see the different sites that were in the city, learn about the culture, as well as events that go on in the city. I was so fascinated, I decided that I would take a trip there one day. I would visit Montego Bay, at least once a week, using the Skout travel feature. Each time I visited, I learned more and more about the city, until I couldn’t help but to want to go there.

I would also take time to meet a person from the city, and I was fascinated with some of the things I learned from each person. I became good friends with two people, and they seemed very kind, and very down to earth. I decided that when I took my future trip to Montego Bay, that I would meet with them in person. Using the Skout Travel feature, only costs 25 Skout points, which I purchased with real money. The Skout points are very reasonably priced, and I’m able to virtually travel every week.

The Skout points can be used for many things on the network, besides just traveling. I’ve been able to send greetings, check another person’s favorite list, as well as many other things, just by using Skout points. It’s amazing how much you can learn, just by sitting at your PC, or by using a mobile device. I’ve been able to do so much on Skout, and I have friends from the many different countries, that Skout is available in. Well, my flight will be landing soon, and I can already see the shores of Montego Bay. I’m so excited.

Vijay Eswaran teaches the World to understand silence

Vijay Eswaran is known for making a splash in the business World, with his successful QI Group bringing the entrepreneur the coveted title of Malaysian CEO of the the Year in 2013. Eswaran has spent his life and particularly the last ten years telling the World how the power of silence can help anybody in the World focus on the problems and issues they need to consider. From a young age Vijay Eswaran was taught ancient yoga techniques that he has continued to practice throughout his life and combine with meditation techniques that have helped him solve problems in both his personal and professional life.

In 2005 Vijay Eswaran published his self help book, In the Sphere of Silence, which details how and why the practice of meditation can be of great help to anybody who chooses to take part in this form of relaxation. Vijay Eswaran uses a technique taught to him as a child, which is known as mouna. Many people question how important meditation can be in a modern setting, particularly in the business environment where issues move at a fast pace and often need immediate attention. For Vijay Eswaran the chance to step back from the daily problems he faces in his personal and business lives is important in finding a focus that allows him to cut through the parts of life that are not important to his actual World.

A major aspect of life is the problem of finding which problems and issues Vijay Eswaran himself can have an effect on. Despite being concerned by the major global problems, mounda allows Vijay Eswaran to consider these problems, but also focus on the issues that demand his immediate attention in either his personal or business life. Without spending time in silent meditation Vijay Eswaran feels he would struggle to focus on the important problems Vijay Eswaran needs to focus on and cast aside the problems of life he cannot affect quickly or that will have an effect on his everyday life.

A Lot of People are Going to North American Spine

North American Spine is a well-known Dallas, Texas company that provides minimally invasive spinal care to patients. The company refers to itself as being a “leader” in the field. The team at North American Spine consists of skilled and talented spine specialists that come from a number of different specialties. These specialties are pain management, neurosurgery and orthopedic spines, for example.

The company is known for a procedure called AccuraScope. AccuraScope is only available from North American Spine. The procedure is used for the treatment of various types of pain, specifically lower back, upper back and neck pain. The goal of AccuraScope is to provide patients with superior precision and speedier healing times in comparison to different types of minimally invasive spine surgical procedures available out there. One person who received the treatment is James Phillips, who lives in Arkansas. Phillips has cerebral palsy, a congenital ailment that’s characterized by problems with posture, muscle tone and motion in general. Cerebral palsy difficulties are permanent yet don’t intensify as time goes on. Phillips has always had a strong desire to ride bulls. When North American Spine’s patient coordinator Shelby White heard about Phillip’s wish, she suggested he visit North American Spine to receive the treatment. Not only can North American Spine’s Accurascope procedure be given to people who have cerebral palsy, but it can also be given to people who have herniated discs, bulging discs, arthritis, annular tears, sciatica, spinal stenosis and various other ailments. The treatment can often be over in merely half an hour.

North American Spine has been in business since early 2009. The company celebrated their sixth anniversary in January of 2015. The company has successfully completed 8,000 plus Accurascope procedures since opening its doors. These procedures are conducted by physicians with board certification. These physicians also have extensive interventional pain management training.

The company has been acknowledged for its achievements in minimally invasive spinal care since beginning operations. North American Spine received a Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award nomination in early 2015. This award exists to put the spotlight on companies that employ fundamental values to motivate all of the things they do. The Container Store and Brinker International have both been honored with the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award in the past.

People who are interested in North American Spine (and Accurascope) can easily get into contact with the company. The company is available 24 hours a day to speak with people who have questions.

Bruce Levenson: Sports Businessman and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is one of two owners of the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. Levenson and the Hawks’ other co-owner, Ed Peskowitz, are majority partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which own the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson was one of the original nine members of the Atlanta Spirit, the original name of the Atlanta Hawks, LLC. (The name of the LLC was changed in March 2014.) In 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC was created with the primary purpose to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. The purchase from Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System Inc. also included operating rights to Phillips Arena, an indoor arena that the Hawks have called home since 1999. The purchase also included ownership of the hockey team the Atlanta Thrashers. The team was eventually sold in 2011 to True North Sports and Entertainment, with the team moving to Winnipeg after the sale and renamed as the Winnipeg Jets.

In addition to business leadership as co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG), an information company, Levenson has many philanthropic pursuits. He has served on the boards of Community Foundation of Washington, DC and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He was also president of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation. Bruce, along with his wife, Karen, were instrumental in the creation of the School of Philanthropy and Non-profit Management at the University of Maryland. He is a major donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum , as well as the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace.

Since 2004, Levenson represented the Hawks as a member of the NBA Board of Governors, as well as serving as the team’s controlling owner. In January 2015, it was announced that Levenson, along with the other owners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, have put its entire holdings in its franchise up for sale. The franchise includes the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, as well as Philips Arena and its current debt load.


Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch Continues Improving the School

Jonathan Veitch became the 15th President of Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA on July 1, 2009, ending a difficult period of leadership instability for the college, which has had 4 Presidents since 2005. A Stanford Graduate and LA native, Veitch was previously Professor at The New School and most recently the Dean of Eugene Lang College, before returning to LA to begin leading Occidental College in new directions. He was highly respected at Lang for being both a highly effective fund rasiser, as well as strongly helping to grow the student body and faculty. Since arriving at Oxy, Veitch has worked hard to form meaningful relationships with Occidental students, as well as the surrounding community.

Veitch is a big supporter of improved community relations between the college and the surrounding area, and he has worked since coming into office on addressing various issues of concern brought forth by community leaders. Notoriously loud frat houses and concerns surrounding noise levels from construction of new buildings for the Oxy’s Master Plan affecting the surrounding neighborhood have been raised. Much of the original Master Plan has since been deemed unnecessary, and only two campus buildings, Swan Hall and the Alumni House, have been scheduled for remodeling. Veitch has also contributed to making Oxy’s campus environmentally more Green. A sizable portion of Occidental’s energy needs is now generated by a 1 Megawatt solar array, which was unveiled by Veitch in back in April 2013.

President Veitch is also a renowned academic and award-winning author. His academic interests include American film, as well as 19th- and 20th-Century American Literature and American cultural history. He is an award winning author for his 1997 book American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s. His research has also been published in publications suchs the American Quarterly and the Journal of American Studies.