Todd Lubar Proves Business Success is About Valuing Growth And Diversification

Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. and the Senior VP for Legendary Investments. He is based in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd began his foray into the world of real estate in finance in 1995. Since his beginnings as a loan originator under Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he continually expanded his relationships with real estate agents, financial experts, and other partnerships that would grow his business ventures. Todd Lubar has continued to expand his growth and expertise in finance, via his ties in the Mortgage Banking Industry, and because he values entering various forms of business. Todd Lubar values the importance of diversification, as he became involved in commercial demolition and Automotive Scrap recycling when the mortgage industry underwent changes during 2007 and 2008. Mr. Lubar has primarily focused on mortgage banking but utilizes his expertise across various industries to continue to garner financial success.


Todd Lubar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University in 1995. In 2002, Todd founded the company Legendary Properties LLC. This company allowed Todd the ability to purchase, rehab, and sell single-family and multi-family units. Todd has been successful, not only because of his ability to recognize opportunities and take risks but because he understands the importance of focusing on making himself a better person in the future, according to CrunchBase and other online sources. When Todd is not busy providing mortgages to often overlooked clients, or assessing his other business ventures, he spends time with his two children and enjoys family during his downtime.

Enjoy Smooth Lips Lips During Any Season

Evolution of Smooth, which is mainly known as EOS lip balms, are an original, adorable, and unique sphere shaped case in numerous vibrant colors. There are many different amazing flavors to choose from and its deep effect of moisturizing and hydrating the lips makes this lip balm an instant favorite of many across the world. The lip balm is affordably priced and its hydrating effects are caused by the natural ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil.

Different temperatures and climates can cause the lips to lose their natural moisture, especially during the cold winter months. The Vitamin E that is contained in this lip balm helps keeps the lips hydrated by nourishing and protecting the lips as well as sealing in the moisture. On top of the hydrating effects, these lip balms also have numerous other benefits such as different medicament’s, different flavors, and sunscreen.

EOS has numerous flavors to choose from. Some of the favorites are Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. During the summer time, the light and fruity flavors, such as Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry, are especially appealing. When it is nice and warm out and all you want to do is sit by the pool with a nice cold drink, a flavor like Summer Fruit is perfect for keeping your lips protected from the sun and hydrated. During the cold winter months, Sweet Mint is a perfect choice. The mint gives your lips a little bit of a tingle and it is a warming effect in the cold, harsh weather.

But don’t take our word for it, try any of the many flavors for yourself! Head on over to the EOS website to take a look at the different lip balms and the different flavors and pick your favorite to try out: EOS lip balm products are also sold on Amazon, Walmart, Well and eBay(

Sam Boraie Brings The Aspire To New Brunswick

Sam Boraie has had a busy few years. Back in 2013, he partnered up with former Newark resident and NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal to convert what was once a Newark high school into the city’s first luxury high-rise apartment building. The pair also built a movie theater in Newark, breathing life and culture into what had just recently been a dilapidated and crime-ridden city.

In 2014, Boraie raised $765,000 for the State Theatre of New Jersey. The State Theatre provides arts and culture to various cities throughout New Jersey. In the past couple of years, Boraie has also been busy raising money for Elijah’s Promise, a charity foundation that provides underprivileged New Jersey residents with jobs and food.

Now, Boraie is creating a masterpiece in the heart of New Brunswick, the same city that his father had transformed decades earlier. The Aspire is a high-rise luxury apartment building that boasts seventeen stories and 238 studio apartments.

The Aspire addresses the residential needs of an ever-increasing influx of millennial professionals looking to start their lives in New Brunswick. The building is noted for its modern and sleek architecture and luxury details. The residential space was built by Tishman Construction, a company best known for the new World Trade Center in New York City.

Quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances can be found in all the kitchens and the building offers high-speed internet for residents. Apartments also come with enormous closets and over-sized master bathrooms as well as balconies and terraces that overlook Johnson Park and the Raritan River. Apartments start at $1,750 a month.

It’s safe to say that Sam Boraie feels a special connection with the needs of New Brunswick residents. His father, Omar Boraie, moved to New Brunswick in the 1970’s and spent decades rebuilding it to make it the thriving city it is today.

When Omar first started Boraie Development, friends thought he was crazy for taking such an interest in the future developments of New Brunswick. At the time, the city was falling apart after decades of neglect. The streets were dangerous and dark and buildings were dilapidated.

Omar began to buy up blocks of the city, knocking down neglected buildings to make way for condominiums, retail spaces and office buildings. His hard work paid off as New Brunswick slowly became a destination for young professionals.

Today, the city is in much better economic shape than it has been in 40 years and it continues to attract young and hip millennials looking to begin their careers. Sam, deeply inspired by the legacy of his father, is dedicated to continuing the work of turning New Brunswick into an economic hub of the New Jersey.

Sam Boraie plans to continue developing in New Brunswick but also plans to continue to branch out to other cities in New Jersey. The success of his work in Newark has landed Boraie Development many deals throughout the state.

Setting Up A Great Online Reputation Management System

Are you in need of a reliable way to protect your brand image and maintain an impressive online reputation? Do you want to track conversations about your company and be able to respond appropriately? If you are in need of online reputation monitoring or management, it is imperative to consult a renowned team of experts.

In spite of all the huge benefits of communication and advertising and marketing that the web has actually brought, it also presents the risk of a very easy method of defaming a firm or person. This is why it is so important to safeguard your firm’s reputation as well as enhance your integrity. To do this, it is essential to have online reputation management, an advertising strategy that is beneficial due to its unique benefits.

Your online track record is how you are perceived when individuals search for you online. Individuals browse online to find out which business are rendering excellent services to consumers and which ones are to be avoided. With the results they get, they make an informed decision and purchase from credible resources. Any kind of firm or professional that does not have a good online track record will certainly have a hard time attaining success in business or professional life.

A recognized online reputation management firm is one that has a team of highly knowledgeable and seasoned professionals. Not all reputation management firms are created equal.

According to, numerous companies rely on the expertise of a team at a reliable online reputation management company to keep a fantastic online image and also expand their service. Whether it’s quality content development or search engine optimization strategies, a good online reputation management team has the resources and skills to meet your firm’s needs.

Contact a trusted online reputation management company for details on exactly how they can assist you in suppressing unfavorable material and pushing up positive details concerning your brand. As soon as you have contacted them, their representatives will set up an appointment to discuss your issues and establish a personalized reputation management solution for you.

The Career Of Dick DeVos Brings High Levels Of Success

Dick DeVos has been at the heart of the work of many different companies over the course of his career and has brought success to each company he has been involved with as a key executive or major investor.

I have known much about the work of Dick DeVos after hearing about his philanthropic work that has recently included an ongoing commitment to education reform across the U.S., and heading the Grand Action Plan for the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. All though he is well known as a successful philanthropist, Dick DeVos is known to me as a business leader who cares for every community he becomes part of. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

In the Michigan area Dick DeVos remains rooted in the former leader of AmWay and Alticor is well known for bring unparalleled levels of success to these companies; Dick transformed the outlook for AmWay/Alticor over his decade in control of the company as he found a new way of structuring the company that prepared it for the new demands faced in the 21st century.

Although Dick DeVos is well known for the work he completed with AmWay I have been more impressed by his dedication to bringing success to new and under performing organizations. Dick is popular figure with NBA fans, like myself, after his short period in charge of the Orlando Magic showed he is a business leader who is well prepared for life in the 21st century.

Dick showed as the head of the Orlando Magic franchise that despite his more laid back attitude to business he was all about results and did not stand for failure or a lack of positive results. Taking over a high profile NBA franchise at just 35 seemed like a leap for many, but Dick DeVos quickly found himself achieving success and being called back to what was then the AmWay group to take over as President and CEO.

Since standing down as President after overseeing the success of the transition to Alticor, Dick DeVos has impressed me with the range of investments he has sourced and capitalized upon with The Windquest Group. DeVos has been at the forefront of the change to new energy resources through his investments in ElectraTherm and Huron River Ventures; there are many other areas of innovation and investment Dick ash impressed me with, including a commitment to the Boxed Water company that is determined to change the way we consume water.

Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall Has Successful Trial

The company Seattle Genetics may move into new areas of research and treatment. It has long focused on blood cancers, but it is looking at developing therapies for solid tumor setting. Trials have already been conducted in which positive results were achieved in treatment for these tumors in the early stages of cancer. The company has produced an antibody-drug conjugate. It has proven to be effective in some patients who suffer from breast cancer that is triple-negative metastatic. This type of cancer has been very hard to treat in the past, and that is why the success seen in Seattle Genetics’s research has been so encouraging to so many.

This new drug is made from targeted monoclonal antibodies that are connected to a payload which kills cancer cells. It is just one of four potential candidates that Seattle Genetics is testing in the lab right now. The results showed a 37% response rate within patients. These are patients who are no longer responding to other methods of treatment. Experts say these results are very impressive given that the drug is just a single agent. This could mean impressive gains to Seattle Genetics’s stock price in the coming days.

When it comes to breast cancer, nearly 20% of new cases are triple negative. This means that they do not have the classical biomarkers that enable early detection of the cancer. The total number of new cases per year is 1.67 million. This type of cancer is very devastating and those who are diagnosed with it often have a poor prognosis.

Seattle Genetics was founded by Dr. Clay Siegall. He became a board member of Ultragenyx in 2014. He is not only the CEO of Seattle Genetics but also the Chairman of the Board. He founded the company in 1998 because he had a dream of helping people through discovering new ways of treating cancer and other diseases. Dr. Siegall got his Bachelors degree in Zoology and pursued a Ph.D. in Genetics which he earned at George Washington University. He continues to pioneer new methods of treatment through his company. He is a man devoted to saving lives.

Applying the Wisdom of Billionaires to Government

Business techniques can help government. We see this in the recent surprise election of Donald Trump to the office of the American Presidency. Although he drew a lot of criticism from his opponents, one of Trump’s major selling points was the fact that he was not a career politician. What can government learn from business? And how can it be adapted for growth?

Billionaire Warren Buffett once observed that the basic rule under-girding his success was to avoid what others love, and love what others avoid. What do we see governments of today eagerly pursuing? Debt, democracy, feminism, political correctness, compromise, majority rule, public education, globalization, religious toleration, practical, easy, flattery, enormous militaries, extremism, lying, etc. These virtues, some popular, some not, are a good analysis of most governments in the world. They should be avoided like poison if you want your country to grow. Why? Everyone else is doing the exact same thing, and they are competing with you in doing it.

If a legal structure pursues these things, they will find a lot of competition in the global sphere of influence. Why? Everyone else is doing the same thing. This is why European democracies are floundering. They are doing what everyone says they should be doing. Buffett’s rule would say that a fast growing country would pursue saving, dictatorship/oligarchy, male dominated rule, political incorrectness, absolutes, minority rule, private education, nationalization, religious fundamentalism, imaginative, hard, honest realism, tiny militaries, moderation, truth, etc. And Buffett is right. We can see some (but not all) of these principles at work in countries like the Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and China, all of who hold some of the controversial beliefs on this list.

Why does differentiating yourself politically from the crowd work? It lessens competition for your products. One of the first things a successful organization does is separate itself from the herd. That way, when the herd goes over the cliff, your organization does not join them.

Sujit Choudhry is a comparative constitutional law expert at the University of California at Berkeley. Sujit can help you and your organization make better decisions about what policies to follow.

Sujit understands that there is often little time in the organization to make wise choices. Seeing the facts clearly can help greatly. Feel free to contact Sujit at his LinkedIn account.

More information for Sujit Choudhry:

Fabletics Offers Such Amazing Clothing Deals

Working out is something that I love to do. I love to work out a lot during the week. Doing so enables me to get rid of the stress in my life and become stronger at the same time. When I work, I truly feel intensely empowered. Part of my workout routine means that I have the right clothing on hand at all times during the workout. The right clothing makes it easier for me to workout without worrying that it will not keep up with my needs. The right clothing also makes it easier for me to concentrate on all the movements during the workout. This is why I have chosen to turn to a few companies that I know I can count on in order to get my workout needs met. A company such as Fabletics allows me to look great while I workout out and also allows me to have clothing that is reliable, made from great materials and looks wonderful no matter what I’m doing at the time. I know I can always find something here that I will like. Each item I find here is carefully designed by those who know a woman’s body.


The Perfect Clothing


When I workout, I want to concentrate on my movements. My movement are typically very precise as I like to do things like Pilates and ballet movements that require great attention to detail. When I have Fabletics at my side, I know that I can concentrate fully on the right arm position rather than worrying that my leg wear is able to tear. They offer specific workout clothing for any occasion I have in mind. I also know that I can go to the site and find what I need. I tend to visit varied places to workout. Sometimes I might choose to workout with a bike ride or go for a run in the morning before I get to work. In that case, I can find clothing on the site that will let me cope with the challenges of working outside such as exposure to the wind and rain while still allowing me to look fashionable. I also know that I can find workout wear here that lets me choose to vary the use of color and not just stick to plain shades like black or brown. Great workout clothing is the key to a great workout.

Wen Hair Cleanser – Rich, Natural and Lightweight

Do you need a completely and naturally formulated hair product? One that cleans while making sure that it retains its natural oils? Then you will love the Wen cleansing conditioner. Also referred to as a co-wash, this cleanser is unique, in that; it doesn’t contain shampoo in it. With just a week of using this hair product, many have attested to significant improvement in the state of their hair. Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist, is the owner of the brand. The brand is suitable for use by those with dry, curly and damaged hair.

The Wen cleansing conditioner has numerous astounding benefits, some of which include:

Its rich formula incorporates five functions in one. This means that Wen cleanser also serves as shampoo, detangler, a deep conditioner and a moisturizer. With the product, you won’t need the several bottles of hair products you have on your shelf.

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The cleansing conditioner found in the Wen hair care line doesn’t lather like every other brand does. One may see this as a downside, but it isn’t. Contrary to this, it is advantageous as it makes washing it off easy, yet it still functions as expected. With time, and after seeing the results, you won’t even remember all the squeak that your normal shampoo causes.

Buy Wen Cleansing Conditioner online here.

The Savior of Medical Staffing: Brian Torchin And His HCRC Staffing Solution

Brian Torchin is well known in the medical community for founding the popular medical staffing company HCRC Staffing. Torchin’s company, which is used to staff medical offices across the nation, has been helping medical employers and employees connect with greater ease than ever before.

The main reason why HCRC Staffing has worked so well is due to Torchin’s own experience in the medical field. Torchin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware, and he practiced chiropractic medicine for many years. He also studied at New York Chiropractic College to hone his chiropractic skills.

It was during this time that Torchin discovered just how incredibly difficult it was to find work in the medical sector. The main problem, Torchin found, was that most medical jobs are not posted publically, and there was a great gap of communication between medical employers and well-trained employees.

To fix this problem, Torchin took a leap of faith and founded HCRC in Philadelphia. At the start of his staffing career, Brian Torchin worked with various clients in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware.

Torchin has been able to help many medical professionals hire highly qualified chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, physician assistants, physical therapists, and much more. Torchin has made contact with many urgent care centers and private clinics across the USA to expand his company’s portfolio of clients. HCRC is still headquartered in Philadelphia.

According to a video at Vimeo, Torchin is proud that HCRC is one of the top companies in the nation for medical staffing and professional consulting. While this company is well established in the USA, Torchin hopes to grow HCRC’s presence in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia in the coming years.

According to Product Hunt, Brian Torchin keeps himself busy writing various blog posts on HCRC’s website. Everything Torchin does is to help his company get better recognition in the medical market. When he finds time in his hectic schedule as CEO of HCRC, Torchin also practices chiropractic care.