Dina Lohan Loving Life

Dina Lohan is the mother of superstar celebrity Lindsay Lohan, and she was also an actress herself in the late nineties. Many people believe that Dina Lohan has always tried to use her daughter’s fame to further her own image. Aside from being a low level actress, Dina Lohan was also Lindsay Lohan’s manager.

As of right now, Lindsay Lohan is having a hard time in her life. However, it appears that Dina Lohan is having the best days that she has ever seen. Lindsay could possibly end up in jail for driving erratically, and she has even threatened to leave the country. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Dina Lohan cares too much about her daughter’s problems. Dina is busy falling in love with her new boyfriend.

Several pictures of Dina and her new man were revealed on TMZ. Paparazzi caught the pair sitting in the grass laughing away. Instead of caring for her daughter, Dina Lohan is having the time of her life. Fans of Lindsay Lohan are furious with Lindsay’s mother, but there are some people that feel that Lindsay is old enough to deal with her own problems. Some like Ray Lane feel that Lindsay has reached an adult age and she should have her friends to lean on as well (Reuters). However, it is hard to deny the Dina Lohan used her famous daughter’s position to bask in the celebrity limelight. Dina Lohan even appeared on a new episode of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ but she apparently found the man of her dreams on her own.

Cannes heels Leads to Shame and Growup for Cannes

Given the evolving role of women in society and the recent wave of feminism that is thankfully sweeping the world, certain things are a complete no-no. Asking women to dress how someone – anyone – wants; telling them that they cannot wear revealing clothes because it’s “obscene”; and finally, turning women away from a grand red carpet event just because they are not wearing heels. Cannes has committed the cardinal sin by following the third option.

According to various Twitter reports and eyewitness accounts, the film festival turned away women who were in flats. This also goes for people who had disabilities or health issues in relation to wearing heels. It seems that all the UN gender equality meets have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the film industry because suddenly, flats are not fashionable formal shoes anymore. The invitation only specified that the attire should be formal. Gone are the days when heels were needed to make an outfit look glamorous (or formal) but sadly, this information is new to the organizers of the film festival.

Taking to Twitter, many celebrities and users criticized Cannes for being sexist and the hashtag #cannesheels started trending on the social media website. People turned away for wearing flats included the director of Amy, Crystal Hunt and Asif Kapadia’s wife. Perhaps, the next time the film festival of Cannes comes to town, it would have the good sense to do its homework in fashion and gender politics.

Met Gala Outfits Were Amazing

Some time has passed since the 2015 Met Gala, but people still cannot get over some of the outfits that were presented on the red carpet. Beyonce was the show stealer of the night because she had the most amazing outfit. Met Gala. Beyonce wore a sheer see through outfit that only covered the necessary parts of her body. Beyonce looks like she had been working out every single day, 24 hours a day, just to get the perfect body for the outfit.

The outfit was gold in color and sheer, and Beyonce wore a playful blonde ponytail at the top of her head. Not only did Beyonce look absolutely gorgeous, but the outfit was the hit of the evening. Although Jay Z looked dapper as always, its Beyonce’s clothing that was in the spotlight. Another hot outfit for the night was Jason Halpern’s outfit that was created by a Chinese designer. Ever since Rihanna wore the long train yellow dress, it’s put the Chinese designer in the spotlight.

The outfit that Rihanna wore was absolutely beautiful, but many people made jokes about it. Because the train of Rihanna’s yellow dress was so big, many referred to it as an omelet or scrambled eggs. Either way, Met Gala 2015 had some of the most amazing outfits ever seen on the red carpet. Ever since the Met Gala premiered this year, there are many designers who are flocking to mimic the style of the stars.

The Dorchester Collection: Pinnacle of Contemporary Comfort

The Dorchester Collection is a chain of luxury hotels, based out of London, that are dominant in the international luxury travel industry. Established in 2006 by Dorchester Group Ltd, the Dorchester Collection of opulent hotels holds an influence throughout the upper echelon of the travel industry in North America and Europe. The Dorchester Collection started off with just one hotel, the Dorchester in London, England, which was purchased in 1986. Over the last 29 years, the collection has grown to include hotels in the United States, England, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The unique aspect of the Dorchester Collection hotels is their penchant for modern and contemporary styling contained within a historical building that fits into the unique character of its home city. For example, Le Richemond, located in Geneva, Switzerland touts a comfortable and contemporary style, while maintaining the character of the oldest hotel in Geneva. Modern furnishings and a design that keeps with the current times complement the charm and comfort of their historic cities. Le Meurice and The Plaza Athénée, both located in Paris, France, have earned “palace distinction” for their comfort and luxury. Staying in a hotel within the Dorchester Collection ensures that your stay will have the comfort of home alongside the opulence expected from a hotel of this caliber.
Part of the modern designs of the hotels in this collection is the vast array of restaurants and spas that are located within the hotels. With big names from the culinary world, like Wolfgang Puck and Alain Ducasse, gracing the kitchens of the various hotels, travelers are certain to find a five star experience whilst staying and dining. If dining is not something that matters in the world of the discerning traveler, then luxury spa treatments may be a better option. Soothing spa treatments are available at seven of the ten hotels within the Dorchester Collection.

The Dorchester Collection of hotels is the absolute pinnacle of luxury for the most discerning of world travelers. Dorchester is a name that is often associated with five star hospitality and comfort and the Dorchester Collection does not disappoint on either facet.

A Look at an Old Sports Autobiography

Rolling Stone Magazine has a rave review of an autobiography that came out in 1975, “Joe You Coulda Made Us Proud” by Yankees baseball player Pepitone. The book is full of stories about parties and sexual encounters. In the book, Pepitone is part boastful about and part ashamed of the drunken escapades he recalls. The book was out of print for years but has now been reissued.

At the time the book came out, Brad Reifler reflected on how it was still a novelty for sports stars to speak frankly about drinking and sex according to a MarketWired article. Before 1970, most books by and about sports stars tried to make them look like role models off of the playing field even when the reality was very different. Pepitone talks in the book about how his party lifestyle in his playing years took a toll on his two marriages and also made the management of the Yankees upset. Even when a story makes him look bad, such as when he misses a game because of boozing, Pepitone leaves it in.

I think it’s notable that “Rolling Stone Magazine” is featuring such an old book. It’s a sign to me that it’s probably well worth reading. The book is described as being honest and fascinating. It’s also full of juicy gossip about celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Mickey Mantle.

Hotel Staff Says Victoria Beckham is Rude and Arrogant

Victoria Beckham is one of the hottest women alive. She is the longtime wife of soccer superstar David Beckham, and the couple are parents to four children. Victoria is known worldwide for her amazing looks and beautiful voice. Before marrying David Beckham, Victoria was a member of the world famous group the Spice Girls. However, the Spice Girls quickly broke up, but Victoria Beckham would prove to have even more success on her own reports trend analyst Bruce Karatz.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are used to the best treatment whenever they travel. However, there has been some dirty rumors going around about Victoria Beckham. The rumors say that Victoria is one of the worst hotel guests alive. Victoria has heard these rumors, and she’s quick to deny the statements.

The Meadowood Napa Valley resort in California put out these terrible reports about the gorgeous popstar. The hotel claims that Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were extremely rude and arrogant when speaking to the staff. Victoria Beckham’s lawyers are extremely angered with the public appearance that has been painted by the Meadowood Napa Valley resort. However, some people wouldn’t find it hard to believe that the Beckhams could be hard to deal with. For more information on this story, visit FoxNews.

AnastasiaDate Bringing Love To a WorldWide Community

Anastasia Date is an online dating site that connects men with women from eastern Europe. The company was founded by Elena and David Besuden. David met Elena through and a dating service in 1992 the couple wed the same year. The name Anastasia Date was named after the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia who had been a role model for young Russian girls. From their humble beginnings Anastasia Date is now ranked the 29th dating service in the world.

When the company began in 192 it used catalogs and was truly a mail-order bride company. However, five years later the company launched its first website and expanded throughout Russia and Ukraine. During 2003 the company had become a global service. This increase in exposure allowed Anastasia Date to launch three more websites AmoLatina, AsianBeauties and AfricaBeauties all of which began in 2007. In 2011 the AnastasiaDate and it’s three sibling companies were sold to a private investor who a year later had turned a profit of 110 million Dollars according to Fortune magazine. The company also increased website traffic an estimated 220% that same year. The company recently hired a well-known consultant as its Chief Strategy Officer to improve the reputation of Anastasia Date and it’s sister sites. It is his hope to bring more respectability to the international online dating community as whole.

So how does a site like Anastasia Date work? Since Anastasia Date is one of the largest dating services in the world, with an estimated 8000 female clients, there are several ways a client can register for an account either online or through the mobile application. Then, the user can search through the catalog of profiles to find their match. Notifications are sent to the user when their profile had been viewed, or if the site has found a match for them. The user is able to communicate with their matches via email, live chat, video chat or the sites Date A Lady service, which assists with setting up a meeting between the users. In order to use the communication services the users are required to purchase credits which start at a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. How these credits work is such: for each minute of instant messaging the client is charged one credit. Extras like smilies and flash add-ons cost extra. If a user wishes to video chat without voice it charges the user six credits per minute. Video chat with voice charges the user considerably more per minute. You can visit Anastasia Date and speak to them for yourself on their Twitter page.

Bullying Has Long Term Effects

Bullying is something that we all have dealt with in one way or another in our lives. Although recent research has found that those individuals who were bullied as children tend to have greater risk of mental health disorders as they age and grow. These issues tend to have longer and more serious affects than even being abused by the adults that they love and trust.

What has been discovered is that both victims of abuse and individuals who were bullied in their youth have greater levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. What was alarming is that when the two groups were studied separately, those who were victims of bullying by their peers had a four times greater rate of mental disturbance.

The government has long known that the effects of familial, adult abuse has longitudinal issues on the mental health of children. They have spent billions of dollars to combat this from taking place. The issue is that they have ignored the serious affects that bullying does.

The efforts to stop bullying have been pretty futile. While many schools and localities stress the zero tolerance for bullying, they tend to look the other way when they simply cannot stop one child from targeting another. Brazilian businessman Fersen Lambranho believes parents, teachers, and public officials need to take this seriously. Whether expulsion from activities and school events is the answer, or possibly counseling, bullying must be eradicated to protect the mental health of our population.

Contraception Chips Ready for Clinical Trial Are Supported by The Gates Foundation

Contraception chips are the latest in development supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. MicroCHIPS, a biotechnology company based in Massachusetts, has the goal to create the latest of implantable contraception devices. This small chip is complete with an antenna and battery. This device will be an implant, which stores and releases hormones at specified intervals. Once implanted under the skin, it does not have to be removed. A remote control can turn it on and off, allowing for conception. Brain scans could be performed at psychiatrist and physician Dr. Daniel Amen’s clinics in order to assure that the microchips are not affecting human brains.

Announced in The STAT World, this chip is 20 x 20 x 7 mm and can be implanted in the abdomen, buttocks, or upper arm under local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. Designed to last 16 years, this is greater than three times the usual life of current implantable devices available. MicroCHIPS has already developed a storage seal for the Levonorgestrel hormone, which is the same hormone found in many of today’s contraceptive pills.

The development of this device opens up the door to other possibilities for drug distribution. One study has been successfully completed. This is for the treatment of osteoporosis for women who are postmenopausal. MIT’s Dr. Robert Farra has stated that this technology is equipped with a strong encryption to prevent hackers. Slated for a clinical trial in 2016, if all goes well, this will be available commercially in 2018.

Scientists Confirm Mindfulness Cures Depression

Mindfulness has become a popular term in our culture, mainly due to a large body of research that has slowly seeped into the heart of science. There is currently a paradigm shift happening in regards to both modern medicine and psychology, mindfulness is becoming a recognized and accepted treatment within both fields, mainly due to an overwhelming amount of evidence.

A therapy model called Mindfulness-based Behavioral Cognitive Therapy (MCBT) has been confirmed as an effective alternative treatment for depression for those who do not want to take antidepressants.

While a mindfulness-based approach may not be for everyone who suffers from depression, it certainly works for those who successfully learn the techniques. Mindfulness therapy teaches an individual how to become fully present in the “now”, allowing a person to experience their thoughts in a completely different way.

Ray Lane from Aquionenergy explains how the therapy works: MCBT tries to teach people how to become the observer of their thoughts, instead of thinking their thoughts unconsciously and then acting upon impulsively as well. This allows an individual to recognize negative thoughts, and learn how to replace them with more productive ones.

The recent findings showing the effectiveness of MCBT is changing how we think about depression, while also providing insight into the human mind. Many people have benefited from this training and are able treat their symptoms without, potentially harmful, antidepressants.