Dogs Might Have Better Taste in Food than Anyone Would Expect

Dogs and humans have been living together for a very long time now. And as such, their diets have tended to share similar ideals. However, sometimes it can take some time for things to catch up to a recent change. And modern times have brought about some fairly dynamic shifts in how people view food. For a while Facebook people were looking at food as more utility than a source of natural health and wonderful tastes. And dog food tended to represent that as well. People were living off heavily processed foods and found the same for their dogs. But over time the health effects of that lifestyle became quite apparent. As a result people have been eating far higher quality meals made with fresh, natural, ingredients. And the Daily Herald recently reported that dog food is starting to catch up with that trend.

The article looked at several examples of dog food companies which have shifted over to more tasty and natural methods of preparing their wares. One company was working on duplicating the taste of human meals with their “he’ll have what you’re having.” campaign. Another showcased the fact that when dog food is made with all natural meats, there’s not a single issue with people taking a quick bite of the ingredients as well. But while there were many examples, they all focused on the fact that the face of dog food manufacturing is becoming more and more healthy.

However, while this is a new trend for the industry there’s still some companies which have been doing so for a very long time. One of the best examples of this is the high quality dog food brand Beneful. The company was founded by Purina all the way back in 2001. And its main mission statement hasn’t changed since the very beginning. They’re dedicated to creating the healthiest possible dog food in order to provide top notch nutritional benefits to people’s pets.

The company attains that lofty nutritional goal by keeping high standards on their ingredients. Processing is kept to a minimum, and everything is as organic and natural as possible. In fact, one can easily see the chunks of meats and vegetables when opening up a bag of the food. It’s easy to know if it’s chicken flavored because the chicken is right there in the bag. The dedication to quality ingredients ensures that Beneful isn’t simply healthy, but also delicious.


Sam Tabar’s New Investment Portfolio

SlideShare makes it pretty clear Sam Tabar is a very popular attorney and also a capital strategist found in the New York City. He started his successful career after graduating from the Columbia Law School. He has worked in several positions, and his efforts are recognized worldwide.

Announced on Instagram just recently Sam Tabar decided to include THINX in to his current investment portfolio. THINX is a startup organization that deals mainly in fashionable under cloths in order to support menstruation and even incontinence. When an individual decides to buy pair of the underwear from this group, women in Africa get a pack of reusable sanitary towels, and this is done with the help of AFRIpads.

Women in Africa will miss school or even work due to their periods, but with the help of THINX, things are getting better. The firm started by having a kick starter special campaign and at the moment, it is offering its customers five special styles of underwear.  This inspired Sam Tabar to make a Go Fund Me campaign as well, to further provide charitable support to Africa.

According to Tabar on Mashable, the business model the organization is using is very special. The firm is using its financial support to encourage individuals in the community to consider the global challenges and help the needy during their purchases. Using their unique underwear design, the organization is helping women in Africa a lot. It was founded by Miki and Antonia, and a lot of difference has been noted in the community.

A single purchase of the underwear will enable a woman living in Uganda will be given seven reusable and even washable pads, and this way, they can leave their homes and go to school or work without any worries. Without them, they are forced to remain home.

Sam Tabar has a lot of experience as a legal counsel after working with Sparx and the Group PMA Investment Advisors. He has also been the director of other important organizations, and this has enabled him to have the knowledge required in the investment world.

Sam Tabar was introduced to the founders of the organization by friends. According to him, he was not ready to do any investment at that time, but the business model presented caught him. The firm has been able to do very well by the help of a kick starter campaign and crowd funding campaigns to help with the funds.

At the moment, the firm is giving their products in their website, and consumers can now get the items in wholesale. The underwear from the company is now available to all consumers in five different unique and fashionable styles. The underwear will give women the confidence and comfort they require when having their periods. Customers are able to sign a manifesto in the website to encourage the potential clients who purchase the product that they helped keep a woman in school or work.  Check out Sam’s official website for further reading.

Why We Will Never See Another George Soros Type Investor Again

The world of finance has known some amazing billionaires such as George Soros and Warren Buffet. These individuals have been able to create amazing success for themselves by investing in a very savvy manner for many years. Even though things have been great in the past for these amazing investors it seems times are tough for even the largest and most intelligent of investors these days. George Soros had a big hit in his Quantum fund as it fell 15% in just one year. This may have been a big reason why George Soros decided to leave the hedge fund game in 2011. Even Warren Buffet has been finding it hard to beat the S&P 500. Over the last 15 years, he has only been 3 percent above the average growth of the S&P 500. Before the dot-com burst of 2000 it these two investors were averaging returns of 30% for 30 years. This is an amazing track record that finally had to come to an end with the market conditions the way they were. The influx of algorithms in the marketplace are making it much harder for large averages to be achieved in just one year.

Soros has been hailed as one of the best hedge fund managers of all time. He was brought very heavily into the public eye in the 90s when he made 1 billion dollars in just one year betting on the devaluation of the British Pound. George Soros was born in 1930 and lived through the Nazi occupation of World War 2 by fleeing to England. It was here that he graduated the London School of Economics. Once he had moved to the United States he had created a large amount of success for himself by managing an international fund which had great returns.

Soros has also found a great deal of success in the world of Philanthropy. His Open Society Foundation now operates in over 100 countries. The annual expenditures of this company are well over 800 million dollars. He is focused mainly on advancing human rights with his philanthropy. Soros has also written many different books that have shed light upon many different financial issues that have happened over the last 80 years. Soros is a light that has been shining in the marketplace. He has shown that with persistence the market can and will prevail. Soros continues to move forward his philanthropy and investing. He also continues to share his vast knowledge with leaders all over the world.

Learn Exactly How the Global Economic Crisis Spared Australia from Marcio Alaor

Australia is among the few countries that maintained a positive growth rate of 1.4% during the famous global financial crises in 2009. The county has made headlines severally on its steady economic growth exceeding two decades consecutively. Australia also has an amazingly high life expectancy. It’s probably among the best in the world after Canada. Marcio Alaor explains how exactly the country has maintained such a steady growth trend.


According to Marcio, the country has positioned itself as a major exporter in the world markets. The country mainly exports agricultural commodities. They are mostly unaffected by economic fluctuations in the market. The consistent export of agricultural products has helped the county’s economy remain steady. Marcio also notes the country exports largely to China.


The Chinese economy has rapidly expanded giving Australian an advantage. The global crises that affected world economies had little impact on the growing Chinese economy. During this period, Australia maintained a steady economic growth. Marcio also cites that the country has also invested hugely in the construction sector. The sector is least affected by global crises giving the country guaranteed returns even when other industries struggling with the crisis.


Apart from the stability of the building industry, it also offers the country enormous job creations. Australia can maintain its population employed. With unemployment relatively small, such economic crisis is unlikely to shake a country’s economy


The government of Australia has a very favorable economic system. Marcio notes that such a system enables the country to maintain growth even at hardest economic times. The minister of finance in Australia received international recognition for implementing economic measures timely saving Australian economy. The country has maintained a consecutive economic growth since 1990.


Since the world economic crisis of 1990, the Australian government implemented policies to safeguard the economy from such turbulent. It regulated interest rates, controlled inflation and created a stable economic system. The shift to focus on the country’s exports acts as a stimulus to safeguard its economy. Australia also exempts small business from taxes to protect them from major global crisis. The policy is one of the government’s policies to help it maintain a favorable economic growth.


Marcio Alaor is the vice president of the Banco BMG bank in Brazil. He has an extensive experience in financial management economic analysis. He is also an active blogger who publishes resourceful economic articles on his website. In conclusion, the world crisis spare Australia due to its favorable economic policies and balance in investment sectors. The country also reaps big from its massive exports to China and global markets. Marcio notes that Australia economy has never gone to recession even in the worst crises of 2008.

Making Money From YouTube

How do people make serious money from YouTube? How are people like Lilly Singh making more than $2.5 million dollars every year from their videos. There is so much money being made from youtube, but most people just don’t know exactly how so many YouTubers are doing it and reeling in so much money.

How do YouTubers make money?

They make money by being a part of YouTube’s special Partnership Program that is available to certain people. In today’s time, there is a good amount of people who get partnered, and there are more today than there used to be back in 2010. YouTubers make that money because people and companies are willing to pay huge amounts of cash to advertise their business on videos that get a hug number of hits. Advertising is where the money is, and big brands are always looking for another way to get their new product or brand out there.

Most people usually try to wonder how much money can be made with a specific amount of views. It all depends on how many people click on the ads, how many people stay on the ad, and whether people stay to watch the ads through the 30 seconds or not. There is big money to be made on this site, but you need to be smart by providing users with quality content to get people interested. YouTube is a huge industry, and anybody in this industry will tell you that it’s all about constantly posting videos.

Wendy Huang is a successful YouTube partner who knows all about the industry. Her videos are fun, entertaining, and exciting to watch. There are countless people who truly know what she’s capable of, and only time will tell before she continues to grow even more and make more money. With tons of followers, Wengie has the capability to take her subscribers to millions and millions of fans.

Wengie is just like most other successful makeup artists who have found their niche. Making money from YouTube is about finding what you are passionate about and turn it into something entertaining online.

Recap Yeonmi Park story

Yeonmi Park can now enjoy eating a complete and balanced meal without fear of starvation. 

”This was not always the case,” the 23-year-old reflected in her memoir. “I can remember when the happiest thing in the world was to have food. We’d often be given just a frozen potato.”

Yeonmi’s harrowing tale began when her family saw the movie Titanic. 

”I could have died for that,” she said. “I saw my friend’s mother be executed because she had a DVD of ‘James Bond.'”

Yeonmi’s parents wanted more for their children, so her father began to smuggle metal in order to earn more money. He was caught, arrested, and imprisoned, leaving his wife to make the journey alone with their two teenage daughters.

Eunmi, Yeonmi’s older sister, grew impatient and departed North Korea with no warning. Yeonmi and her mother sought the assistance of smugglers to make their way South Korea. Led through dense forests, mountains, and cold, half-frozen rivers, Yeonmi and her mother were victimized the minute that they reached China. One of the smugglers tried to rape the teen, but her mother offered herself instead. 

Yeonmi was later sold into slavery where she became a child-bride and was later raped herself. Yeonmi’s captor did not separate her from her mother and later released the pair. The two attempted to flee to South Korea through Mongolia. They were detained, but their lives were miraculously spared again when they were sent to South Korea.

Yeonmi and her mother worked hard, earning their way and adapting to a life of freedom. They were reunited with Eunmi, whom they had told was deceased. Yeonmi enrolled in college where she began to advocate for human rights. She later went on to pen a memoir about her escape from North Korea.

”People doubt me,” she said. “But I did not want to talk about being raped at thirteen. I have family in North Korea also that I must protect. I cannot give all of the details.”

Yeonmi of youngvoicesadvocates  cast doubt aside.

”I lived. I lived in North Korea, and I know the truth,” she said. “The truth is a tragedy.”

Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Gets Revived with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is no stranger to fashion. She has rallied for fashion for decades with strong leadership roles inside of corporate America. It is a good fit for her to be linked to the revamping of the Pittsburgh Steelers fashion line on She has the skills to turn more fans towards this fashion line of new garments and accessories. This, in turn, will get more fans in the seats in the stadium.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have fans that love to show support, but many people have simply gotten away from buying the attire. What Susan McGalla, Director of Strategic Planner for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has done is create a pathway for more people to show their love for their team. According to McGalla, it is a much easier shopping experience for consumers that want to buy the clothing for this team. People can shop from a tablet or a smartphone with ease. That is part of the redirection that McGalla was going in for the clothing website. Susan McGalla wanted a mobile-friendly app for the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing store. She got her wish with the new website and she is excited about the line of clothes that are listed here.

The main thing that McGalla has stressed with the new line is that you can dress up or dress down. That is the biggest thing that Susan McGalla wants the consumers to know. This is highly important because it brings the clothing line to people of many different levels and age groups. This is also a good thing because all fans are not the same. Some fans are subtle. They may not want to wear anything more than a hat. Others may want to dress up with a Pittsburgh Steelers polo shirt on There are others still that may want to make a big statement with a t-shirt with big writing. All types of things exist for variations of fans that are available.

The Steelers have colors that are easily recognizable. The new clothing line has made it easy to wear these colors with an assortment of different sweaters, garments, t-shirts and hats.

The Industries and Methods of Status Labs

If there is one thing that could convince anyone to seek out Status Labs for his online reputation management, it is the fact that Status Labs is about business in general. In other words, it doe not limit itself or exclude any type of business from its services. It serves industries like real estate, beauty, politics, philanthropy finance, healthcare and many more industries. Status Labs is able to solve any issue in digital communications that they are presented with. They can work with anyone as well. It doesn’t matter if they are a mere celebrity or a political figure. Everyone can benefit from their services.

One very important method of Status Labs is SEO. SEO is very important when it comes to any kind of marketing for the Internet. After all, people use search engines to look for everything. Therefore, if a bad result of a client shows up on the front page of search engines, then he is likely to suffer a loss of customers. This is where Status Labs comes in. They can repair the damage that has been done to the reputation of its clients through search engines. This will in turn improve the business of any client that approaches the firm.

Status Labs also offers people tips on how to manage their own reputation. They also offer people tips on how to respond when they have been hit with something very damaging to their reputation. One of the things that they recommend is to change the privacy settings on social media accounts. Also, they also recommend not posting something that could really hurt reputation if someone reposted it online for all to see. One other recommendation is to have all of the personal information removed from online.

Status Labs effective methods have gained it a lot of trust over the years that it has been up and running. As it continues to manage the reputation of its clients, it will continue to gain new clients. They are also willing to give people tips on how to manage their own reputation. This shows that Status Labs is not just in it for the money. They really care about people having the best reputation possible and a very successful career.

My Dog Eats The Best, High Quality From Beneful

Surprising Information I Found About Premium Dog Food
I was surprised to find out some really good information on twitter about the premium dog foods that pet stores sell. The Daily Herald wrote a report on premium dog food manufacturers that highlights some of the appeals to buying premium foods that are made of high quality ingredients. At first, I was having trouble rationalizing paying more for dog food, but I want my dog to be healthy and to live a long time. That is why I buy Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It comes in a few flavors, but my dog likes all of them. We even try the Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight whenever I notice him getting heavier. If you want to keep your dog in shape, then you really are doing him a service by purchasing high quality dog foods. No matter what it costs I want my dog to lead a healthy life. I keep him active. We go on walks, and I always bring Beneful Baked Delights on our walks. I buy the kind called Heartfuls. He loves it when I take the Beneful dog snacks out of my purse and offer him one. He’ll sit, roll over, or do whatever I tell him to get his paws on a Baked Delight. I know the food tastes better when it comes from a premium brand. The manage in the article that I found actually tastes some of their turkey blend, and he reports that it “tastes just like Thanksgiving.” That’s such good news to hear because I want my dog to enjoy his meal as much as I enjoy my food. The article interviews higher workers in these facilities, and they give their honest opinions on the value of premium dog foods. I am glad to report that I agree with their opinions, and I believe that pet owners should buy only high qualiity dog foods. For more information on what premium dog food manufacturers go through to produce their products, you should visit the article from wikipedia by going here.

Plastic Surgeon Jennifer Walden’s Advice on Holiday Foods

The month of December is known as the month of over-indulgences. With the Christmas and New Year holidays, there is a lot of temptation to overeat and overspend.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is an American plastic surgeon who has her practice in Austin, Texas. She was listed as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014. Dr. Walden has also been featured by ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E! and Dr. 90210 for her expertise in cosmetic surgery. Further, she has co-authored the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Modern Aesthetics’. Moreover, she is a member of Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

Dr. Walden is a determined and successful woman. She trained in New York City along the best of the best plastic surgeons before returning to her home sweet home in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden is also a single mother of two boys who were conceived via in-vitro fertilization. She did not have a potential husband and wanted children. Being the determined woman that she is, she made that happen. Dr. Walden is a great role model for career minded young girls.

It is inevitable to avoid all of the desirable holiday indulgences. But, there are a few food items Dr. Walden suggests avoiding to maximize skin health during the holiday season.

The first item is the popular fruitcake. Similar to many holiday snacks fruitcakes are loaded with sugar. When digested, the massive amount of sugar causes wrinkles and dull skin. Sugars also have a bad affect on collagen and elastin, causing one to look older. Fruitcakes further have a high glycemic index, which can cause acne. Dr. Walden suggests replacing the fruitcake with a fresh fruit salad.

The next item is alcohol. Alcohol is known to cause a lot of health problems and skin health is no exception. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and leads to a dry and pale appearance. It can also cause dilation of small blood vessels, causing rosacea. Walden suggest drinking a lot of water instead of alcohol for beautiful skin.

The third item is fried food. Obviously these foods are high in trans-fats and less obviously they contribute to diminished blood circulation, both causing clogged pores, acne, bacteria build-up and flaky skin. According to Dr. Walden, if you cut back on fried foods you can increase fatty fermented foods such as sour cream.

The final item to avoid is bread. Walden claims that many breads have a lot of sodium and can cause puffy bags. She suggests replacing bread with sweet potatoes, tabbouleh with couscous and tomatoes or an Israeli salad. Your skin will thank you by looking beautiful.